License & Installation Method

AIR Music Technology Hybrid


In this guide we will show you how to redeem and install your purchase. Should you require any assistance during the redemption process please email and we will reply as soon as possible.


  1. Please locate your redemption code on your receipt. If you do not have a redemption code please contact your dealer for assistance.
  2. Proceed to the Air website and locate the product page of the product you have purchased.
  3. Please click "Buy Now" and add the software to your cart (Don't worry you will not be charged again).
  4. Please fill in the details requested on the order screen this will be used to create your AIR Account where you can track your purchases and ensure that you are eligible for free updates and upgrades/special offers. You do not need to fill in the payment details section.
  5. You may be eligible for upgrade / crossgrade offers from your product these will be shown at the top of the cart if you would like to take advantage.
  6. Please locate the "Promo Code" Box and enter the provided "Redemption Code" and hit apply.
  7. If your code has been applied successfully the value of your basket will be $0.00 and all the products will be shown as zero value. (If you encounter a problem please contact and provide your dealer receipt).
  8. Please press "Continue" to check out your order.
  9. Confirm the details on the confirmation screen and press "Submit Order".
  10. You will be given your Serial number and instructions on how to download the software.


Before beginning installation/authorization you're required to download the iLok Licence Manager and create an iLok account. If you do not have an iLok account, please visit!registration to create a free account or you may do this during the setup process:

  1. Download your product installers from the link provided on the AIR confirmation email.
  2. Read the Software License Agreement and if happy, click Continue then Agree.
  3. Check you have enough storage space on your computer for the download, then click Install.
  4. After the installation has concluded, a Authorizer icon will appear. Run the authoriser and click Activate.
  5. Enter your Activation Code (listed as 'Digital Rights' in your AIR Find my Order account) and click Next.
  6. Enter your email address or tick the check box to register with your existing account, then click Continue.
  7. Choose if you wish to store your licence on your computer or iLok dongle (if you own one).
  8. Once the activation process has concluded, click Continue.

Your product is now full authorized.

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