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Interstellar Waterphone 1.0 My KVR

The waterphone plugin by Soundyan
Interstellar Waterphone 1.0
Interstellar Waterphone 1.0 Interstellar Waterphone - the Audio Source
What is it?
UtilityStand-alone utility / application
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
4GB RAM, 1 GB HDD, 64-bit, Windows 7
System Requirements
Mac OS 10.6, 4GB RAM, 1GB HDD,
X86_64 / ARM_64
License & Installation Method
Instant (Serial Number)
What does this mean?
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Interstellar Waterphone 1.0

The Soundyan's Interstellar Waterphone 1.0 is an extraordinary virtual instrument plugin with loads of very interesting sounds arranged in six sound sets.

"These sounds are singing and enchanting but also thunder-striking and whispering in the next moment."

Three different physical waterphones were recorded to make an audio source for this plugin.

16" Hyperstellar Waterphone
14" Hyperstellar Waterphone
12" Interstellar "Gong" Waterphone.

These rare instruments were made in Poland and they came from www.waterphone.pl

The recordings were made with high quality equipment such as the Sanken 100kHz, Shoeps MS pair and specialized contact microphones. Ultra fine preamplifiers were necessary to properly capture the loud transients and beautiful, subtle reverberations just after the initial explosion.

In the program the loud transient can be omitted by setting the Sample start offset knob at higher value. You can also start the sample somewhere at the transient to make it sound like percussion even if it is a bowed sound. The possibilities are almost endless.

The Interstellar Waterphone 1.0 contains six different sound sets :

1 - "Interstellar Water"

Floating sounds of the Interstellar Waterphone with water inside. Recorded as it is, reflecting the chaotic nature of this instrument. It is tuned and out of tune at the same time.

2 - "Dry Space"

This harmonised sounds set, tuned to A440 Hz was recorded without water.
It can be used to play melodies and chords.

3 - "Dark Chimes"

Percussive approach to the waterphone.

4 - "Light Path"
The special waterphone called Interstellar "Gong" with a set of "solfeggio" frequencies. Bright sound is due to small number of metal rods and certain micro - tuning.

5 - "Full Proximity"
Very close and detailed image of waterphone sounds provided by specialised set of 2 contact microphones, glued to waterphones metal body in certain places.
"Feels like you are inside of a waterphone. "

6 - "Slow Voltage"
This set was recorded featuring ultra high resolution 100kHz microphone in 192 kHz and then slowed down and tuned to a pitch of A=440Hz.

The software consist of :

- VST3 plugin.

- AU plugin
- Standalone application.

System Requirements :

64-bit CPU, 4 GB RAM
1 GB storage space
Mac: OS X 10.9 or higher, ARM compatible
Windows 7 or higher.

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