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JP-80x0 Editor My KVR

Roland JP-Series Editor by Mystery Islands Music
JP-80x0 Editor
JP-80x0 Editor JP-80x0 Editor JP-80x0 Editor JP-80x0 Editor JP-80x0 Editor JP-80x0 Editor
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Win XP or higher
32 or 64-bit host
System Requirements
OS X 10.6 or higher - Intel only
32 or 64-bit host
License & Installation Method
Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
What does this mean?
Important Note
Known limitations: MIDI ports used with the plug-in has to be disabled inside PC DAW in order to make it work! More info on the product page at our website.
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JP-80x0 Editor

Have you ever wanted to control, automate and work with your JP-8000 / JP-8080 the way this modern world requires? Now it's possible with our AU / VST plugin that allows you to get your Hardware into your modern DAW. We developed this plugin together with Arto Vaarala who's long experience with coding made all this possible.

Here is a little something we've done for this plugin:

  • Connect your JP-8000 / JP-8080 directly into your DAW.
  • Edit almost every parameter of your synth from the plugin (AudioUnit or VST).
  • If you edit any CC knob from JP, you can see it moving directly in the plugin window.
  • Automate almost every parameter within your DAW.
  • Edit both layers from the plugin individually or link layers together.
  • Randomizer included to create new exciting soundscapes.
  • Import WinJP patches and performances into the librarian.
  • You can request User Performance, Presets and Memory Card library from the plugin (Memory Card only in JP-8080).
  • You can send the parameters from the plugin to your synthesizers Temp buffer and save them from there or save right from librarian.
  • When you open the project with the plugin, all the parameters are automatically sent to JP.
  • Load and Save performance & patch banks to / from your HDD.
  • Store performances & patches to your JP-8000 & JP-8080.
  • JP-8000 incompatible parameters marked with **.
  • Alan Marcero and Mystery Islands soundsets included with the plugin.
  • Request current patch from selected slot to librarian.
  • Request all patches from selected bank to librarian.
  • Store currently selected patch from librarian to hardware.
  • Store current patch bank from librarian to hardware.
  • Request temp performance data to librarian.
  • Request current performance from selected slot to librarian.
  • Request all performance data from selected bank to librarian.
  • Store currently selected performance data from librarian to hardware.
  • Store current performance bank from librarian to hardware.
  • Load any MIDI / sysex patch or performance bank to librarian.
  • Browse performance & patch banks within plugin librarian.
  • Load currently selected performance data to plugin memory.
  • Load currently selected performance bank to plugin memory.
  • Load selected single patch to selected performance slot (upper / lower).
  • Organize performance data in librarian and save a new performance bank to hard drive.
  • Organize patch data in librarian and save a new patch bank to hard drive.
  • View & edit upper / lower layer patch name.
  • View & edit upper / lower layer velocity sensitivity levels.
  • View & edit upper / lower layer control assign sensitivity levels.
  • More knobs & buttons now reacts to hardware knob / button movements.
  • Select performance MIDI channel.
  • Select remote kbd MIDI channel.
  • Randomize Upper or Lower layer or the entire performance.

What it won't do:

  • Transmit or generate any audio (Real synth required to use the plugin).

Known limitations:

  • MIDI device mapping needs adjusting in PC environment, read more from the user manual.


  • One of the following Roland JP-series models: JP-8000 or JP-8080.
  • MIDI Device to use with the synth.
  • AudioUnit / VST Compatible host.

You can connect as many JP-8000 / JP-8080's to your computer as you like.


  • Includes free support and free updates for life.
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