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Junior-1https://static.kvraudio.com/i/b/junior-1006_1_5_0_0_titre.jpg006 Junior-1006 Junior-1006
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Junior-1006 is a virtual vintage 8 voices polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with 1 DCO (Square, Pulse, Sawtooth, noise) with range + 1 Suboscillator (linked to DCO) + 1 Noise level slider, 1 triangle LFO, 1 HPF & 1 LPF filter based upon the analog Curtis CEM3310 filter (1979) and the Oberheim SEM State Variable Filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, allpass), 1 ADSR envelope (DCO, VCF & VCA), Chorus FX, 64 internals presets, presets buttons, etc.

Junior-1006 is not a pure recreation of Roland Juno-106, it's just inspired by the Juno-106, but with some hardware functions removed, new functions added. You can nevertheless obtain sounds very close to the original.

Pure vintage sound guaranteed.

Junior-1006 is available as VST2, VST3 in 32 & 64-bits for Windows.

Update V1.3.0.0:

  • New interface GUI (1600X600px).
  • HPF filter with slider.
  • New LFO destination slider to modulate DCO, VCF or both.
  • ENV/GATE switch on the VCA.
  • Chorus III (I+II) added.
  • LFO mode slider added (sync, 1 shot or free).
  • 64 internal presets.
  • Preset selection Buttons added.

A free demo version is available.

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