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Sent April 4, 2024

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Hollywood Orchestra Diamond is 69% off.

Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition is the highly anticipated expansion to Hollywood Orchestra, the best-selling and most awarded orchestral virtual instrument ever produced. It includes brand new pristine recordings, reimagined original content, and powerful new features, all housed in the OPUS software engine.

  • Includes over 130GB of brand new recordings (total size is now 944GB).
  • Includes reimagined original content for all sections and solo instruments.
  • Includes all new interfaces that change color depending on the MOOD selected.
  • Includes Hollywood Orchestrator ($299 value), a must-have tool for composers.
  • Includes all Hollywood Solo Instruments ($299 value).
  • Includes Innovative new features and effects powered by our new OPUS engine.

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Virtual Analogue Synth for Only $24.50

Rob Papen's B.I.T. 2 is a rich sounding analogue modeled synthesizer. Now available for only $24.50 in the KVR Marketplace.

Features in B.I.T. 2

  • New oscillator types like SuperSaw and SuperSquare significantly expand sound design possibilities. You can still modulate oscillator 2 with oscillator 1 using Phase, Frequency, and Ring Modulation.
  • Enhanced filters with additional modes offer more control over sound shaping.
  • The arpeggiator/sequencer now lets you dynamically change start/end steps for evolving patterns. The 'Magic' parameter adds musical variations, and it can also act as a modulator.
  • The AMP section features multiple distortion options for richer sounds, even when playing chords.
  • A new Ribbon Controller allows for dynamic control of multiple parameters.

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Plug & Mix

Plug & Mix plugins are on sale right now with discounts up to 50%. If you're looking for solid EQs, warm compressors, or effects, this is a great time to snag a few (or more.).

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