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Sent April 9, 2024

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Get RX11 Free at launch when you buy RX10 now!

RX 10 Deals + FREE Upgrade to RX 11

The wait for RX 11 is almost over. Get ahead of the game with the industry-standard audio repair toolkit, iZotope RX 10, at an discounted prices. Purchase now, and you'll receive a FREE upgrade to RX 11 upon release. All versions, including upgrades and crossgrades, are on sale!

Get RX 10 Full Licenses at up to 50% less.

  • RX 10 Elements - $99.00 $49.00
  • RX 10 Standard - $399.00 $299.00
  • RX 10 Advanced - $1199.00 $799.00
  • RX Post Production Suite - $1799.00 $999.00

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Crossgrades and Upgrades

Save on crossgrade and upgrade options too, like an upgrade from RX Elements to RX Standard for only $149, or 50% off upgrade prices from previous versions of RX. Make sure to hit the 'MORE' button when adding items to you cart to check for additional purchase options.

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