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Lexicon PSP 42
Lexicon PSP 42
Delay / Echo by PSPaudioware
WindowsWindows x64Mac OS XMac 64-Bit VST Audio Unit AAX
Lexicon PSP 42
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Operating System Availability
 1.6.2  Download
 1.6.2  Download
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Instant (Serial Number)
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Lexicon PSP 42

Lexicon PSP 42 is high-quality digital stereo delay and phrase sampler based on the legendary Lexicon PCM 42 processor famous for its distinctive sound and unique concept.

Lexicon PSP 42 has been carefully designed to accurately reproduce the flexibility and warmth of this renowned classic. This has been accomplished by incorporating precise tape saturation algorithm and a delay line operating with variable sampling rate which simulates physical properties of vintage tape machine delays. The plug-in has been designed with consideration to preserve maximum signal quality at every processing stage.

Functionality and sound of the Lexicon PSP 42 have been approved by Lexicon.

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