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Liquid Rhythm
Liquid Rhythm
Drum Instrument by WaveDNA
WindowsMac OS X VST Audio Unit
Liquid Rhythm
What is it?
Operating System Availability
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System Requirements
Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 machine; 2 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB); 1 GB hard disk space; Java v. 1.6 or later; ASIO-compatible sound card recommended for optimal performance.  Download
System Requirements
Intel machine running OS X 10.6.0 or later; 2 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB); Java version 1.6 or later; 1 GB hard disk space.
License & Installation Method
Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Liquid Rhythm

Liquid Rhythm is a MIDI sequencer and beat generation software instrument.

Liquid Rhythm offers a 1 GB sample library and includes the following features and functions:

  • VST/AU/RTAS Compatible.
  • WaveDNA's Music Molecule - A unique new visualization of the traditional MIDI region, displaying note events, groove, and velocity directly on the arrange canvas.
  • Molecule Maps - Use rhythmic 'similarity wheels' to discover where a beat is and to create variations on loops by auditioning neighbouring beat-elements.
  • BeatWeaver Rhythm Synthesizer - The BeatWeaver is a rhythm design tool. Based on your choices, it generates rhythmic patterns you can play with.
  • In-Line Molecule editing - Edit MIDI notes directly on the arranger canvas; Music Molecules are updated in real-time around your note edits.
  • BeatSeeker - Find and use genre-specific rhythmic patterns for each instrument directly in the Molecule Maps.
  • Accent Modifiers - Adjust the velocity and groove of multiple notes simultaneously according to the Music Molecule's colour-coded accent patterns.
  • GrooveMover - Instantly rearrange groups of notes by switching their underlying accent patterns. Use it to discover and explore new musical ideas.
  • Randomizer - Create or modify rhythm patterns in dozens of ways. Generate random results ranging from tame to drastic, humanize your beat, or split beats between different tracks.
  • BeatBuilder: BarForm List - Build Beats from palettes of rhythm patterns. In a single click, populate an unlimited number of bars with the beat of your choosing.
  • BeatBuilder: BeatForm Sequencer - Create patterns using individual notes or clusters of notes. Instantly switch to a shuffle, double-time, or half-time feel.
  • BeatForm Shifter - Nudge entire groups of notes over and hear their placements in different points in time.
  • BeatForm Tumbler - Target any part of a beat and make four-bar loops more musical without spending time manually moving notes.
  • Ableton Live Clip Integration - Create and remix MIDI patterns directly in Ableton Live Clips via Max for Live.

Liquid Rhythm is available for purchase online for $99. A free 30-day trial of Liquid Rhythm is available here. Take our Trial User Survey to save an addition 10% off your purchase of Liquid Rhythm.

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