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Little Radiator My KVR

Analog Emulation by Soundtoys
Little Radiator Little Radiator
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Little Radiator

Modeled Classic Tube Mic Pre-Amp

A little tube heat for your tracks.

If you want a touch of 60s warmth on your tracks, reach for Little Radiator. It's great for fattening up bass, guitar, drums, or vocals. And it's fantastic on electric piano.

This modeled tube pre-amp from Soundtoys is based on the Altec 1566A, a simple little preamp straight out of the Motown Era. Little Radiator drives and breaks up in very interesting ways, creating rich harmonic distortion, exactly like the 1566A.

Looking for something a little dirtier? Flip the Bias switch and dial in a slightly choppy, misaligned sound that's perfect for lo-fi drums or adding grit to vocals. You can even choose to recreate the noise of the original preamp. Little Radiator has boatloads of color and character. It's just what you need to shake the "clean" off of your computer recordings.


Want even more tone-shaping options? Take a look at Little Radiator's big brother, Radiator. Based on the Altec 1567A mixer amp, Radiator gives you a great-sounding equalizer section, Mic/Line modes, and a sound that conjures up some of the greatest Motown recordings of the 60s. Log in to your account to view all available upgrade options.


  • Call up 60's Motown vibes instantly with the sound of the Altec 1566A pre-amp.
  • Add character and grit to vocals, bass, electric piano, drums and more.
  • Flip the Bias switch for choppy, lo-fi sounds.
  • Add some line noise for a subtle, authentic feel.


"In use, I found the Little Radiator to be more organic – and more substantial-sounding – than many saturator plugins on the market." – Sonic Scoop.

{See video at top of page}

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