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M4L Echo Rasta Box

M4L Echo Rasta Box M4L Echo Rasta Box
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
Ableton Live 9
Max for live 6
System Requirements
Ableton Live 9
Max for live 6
License & Installation Method
No License Required
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M4L Echo Rasta Box

The perfect companion for creating NICE DUBBY SIREN and more.

New User Interface, More Wave forms

and ...

MIDI note In mode (you can enter any MIDI note, the Dub Siren will react accordingly, follwoing the MIDI notes).

and ...

A bonus: We added a FX Rasta Box as a separate plug in .. so you get two Plugins ... (One is the Dub Siren, the other one FX Box).

and ...

If you play with Wave Forms and the FXs, you can get Terrific Modern Leads.

{See video at top of page}

Full features:

- Save, export & import facilities, (you can also share your sounds with your friends .),
- A preset file (M4L EchoRastaBoxSotrage.json) to start playing & have fun (16 presets included),
- Pitch, Tone,
- Waveforms change function,
- LFO & Fire/Flam function,
- Tape Echo delay (famous Roland space echo alike .),
- Electro delay,
- Harmonic delay,
- Dubby style reverb,
- Parametric filtering function (with many different types of filtering modes .),
- Transpose,
- Limiter,
- Dry/Wet,
- All the parameters are mappable on any MIDI control surface,
- Compatible with Push 1 & 2.


Simple & Live.


Note that this plug-in is inspired from the very nice module called 'Dub Siren' that can be found on this website.

However, the plugins are really different, M4L Rasta Box includes more parameters: Dub siren does not incudes any effects and it is not anymore supported/evolving:- (.

A special Reverb/Tape delay Effect (Roland Echo Box simulation) has been added as well as many other features... check it out & enjoy.

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