Music has an immense potential for quality of life and is a tremendous asset to our everyday lives. It gives me great pleasure to see when people enjoy playing music or consume quality sound with appreciation and enjoyment. However, today the crux is often technical know-how. That's a pity, because nobody should be made to make music because of technical problems, and no one should lose creative energy, joy and inspiration.

Thanks to my many years of live and studio experience as a musician and producer, I combine a very broad and deep understanding of music production, digital electronics and all the technology of contemporary sound. I work with it daily, constantly looking for new, individual solutions and know the problem of the rapidly changing technology and its development well. Accordingly, I can also pass on a very specific and individually prepared knowledge during the workshops, which sets NoizeBusters apart from the usual music schools. But I also see all the untapped resources and the limitless possibilities that PC / Mac offers us as multifunctional workstations.

This and much more I would like to open up all musicians, producers and music lovers inexpensive. So that you can fully develop your potential - and your visions get the perfect sound.

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