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Old Vintage Transformer T42N

Old vintage transformer plugin T42N
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Old Vintage Transformer T42N

Eplex7 DSP Old vintage isolation transformer plugin T42N

A transformer is a passive electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another. Simply put transformer are two windings of coils wrapped around one magnetic core - not physically connected together - when you input electric signal to first coil it transform electric signal to electromagnetic field / electromagnetic signal.

This electromagnetic signal is "absorbed" by secondary winding (second coil) and it is again "transformed" to electric signal. Beauty of physics. So audio signal "goes thru air" not wires, cables - it is separated! Wires are not connected - primary coil do not touch secondary coil - no electrons are going from one winding to another.

{See video at top of page}

Why is it used in analog devices?

First reason: when you need to connect two devices with different impedances like tube amplifier and speakers, microphone, console etc. It also helps to eliminate dc, balance inputs,

eliminate unwanted electric signals and artifacts - ground loops etc.

Secondary reason: sound! Simply transformers sound very good and soft. When you clip input it creates very pleasant saturation instead of ugly digital / transistor clip, when signal is so high that no more magnetic flux can be created / absorbed it behave as hard limiter (for example when microphone or instrument input of preamp is too high). Transformer also behaves nonlinear - creates unique color of sound, and produce nice higher harmonics. It also limits frequency bands so unwanted ultra high frequencies and subbass is little bit attenuated. What makes transformer saturation sounding so sweet is fact that distortion it creates is inversely proportional to frequency! This means that lower frequencies are more saturated and warm sounding while high frequencies are "almost untouched with distortion / saturation - no harshness"

There are many types of input / output transformers, made from various materials like steel, nickel, cooper (and with various types of windings) and every sounds different and behaves little bit different at various input levels.

We realistically re-created audio signal behavior of transformer in digital world (we used our more than 17 years of experiences and knowledge in analog electronics and digital coding, see our analog labs) and created Input / output transformer VST plugin T42N.

Input transformer sound perfect with: drums (electronic or acoustic) creates nice saturation of peaks and indie vintage sound instead of digital harshness of limiting, bass, organs and rhodes, indie and rock guitars, dirtier vocals, analog synths and many other instruments.

T42N is old vintage isolation transformer from 60s (VST plug-in emulation), which can goes from gentle vintage color, harmonic distortion and saturation to heavy old school saturation, bass saturation / distortion, crunchy sound and natural but intensive peaks limiting.



- Realistic coil isolating transformer emulation algorithm (precisely designed in our Analog / Digital labs. Based on our 17+ years experiences with DSP coding and electro-technical education).

- Input trim 0.7-1.3x.

- Transformer input drive (emulates preamp driving coil transformer) more drive more saturation and natural limiting.

- Output trim 1-2x.

- Hard Bypass

Product page / download demo version:


Price: 28 €. There is an introductory price for first 70 customers of: 15,90 €.


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