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Unrestricted Compressor by Pajczur
pajSoil pajSoil pajSoil pajSoil pajSoil pajSoil
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
- Windows 10 - x64
- Plugin host which is compatible with VST3 or AAX format
System Requirements
- OS X 10.6 or higher;
- Plugin host which is compatible with AU, AAX or VST3 format;
License & Installation Method
Instant (Challenge Response / Authorization Code)
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PajSoil is high quality and versatile graphical audio compressor with all features that modern compressor should have and even more. It was designed with main question in mind: "What if...?". What if we use settings that are always unavailable in other compressors in the market? What if we go out of the rules?

PajSoil is perfect for creative, experimental and exaggerated compression, and it can help to understand the rules in the compression world.

Versatile & multi-optional.

Its versatility allows for glue style bus compression as well as gentle and invisible levelling of tracks. It is also perfect for "up to face" vocal compression.

Negative ratio (up to -0.1dB).

Thanks to its incredible deep negative ratio (up to -0.1) in combined with the lookahead and the mixing knob, you can easily achieve deep duckling and other fascinating results.

Total fast attack/release.

With zero attack/release times mixed with lookahead functionality based on unique algorithm, you can destroy your sound in an extraordinary creative way.

Key features:

- incredible deep negative ratio – up to -0.10 dB;

- extremely short times (up to total zero) of attack and release;

- precisely designed graphical visualisation of threshold, ratio, knee and gain reduction.

- graphical remote interface – you can use standard knobs, but also make precise settings by dragging graphical elements.

- look ahead option provided by new, sophisticated and unique algorithm that calculates signal volume in run time, and applies gain reduction gradually.

- various styles of compression that can be fluidly changed and automated.

- three types of side chain filters.

- parallel compression.

- ability to choose external side chain signal.

- ability to separately compress MID and SIDE.

and many more...

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