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Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. Multicore processor in excess of 2GHz is recommended. 2GB RAM or more. Display 1024 x 768 or greater.
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OS X 10.8 or later including High Sierra. Intel only. Please note that Snow Leopard and Lion are not supported.Multicore processor in excess of 2GHz is recommended. 2GB RAM or more. Display 1024 x 768 or greater.
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PhoenixVerb has been designed with audio purity in mind. The tail has none of the pitch effects or periodic artifacts that are part of other reverbs. Its effect with small room settings can be almost invisible, subtly placing the source material into a natural space without screaming "reverb". PhoenixPlates are tight and diffuse, complementing both percussion and vocal tracks. Chambers and halls are excellent for complex material and have been used in a growing number of major film releases. Those same attributes have shown themselves to be popular in classical, rock and jazz releases.

PhoenixVerb has also been designed with ease of use as a primary concern. The most important parameters are always available, and a richer set of controls are available only a click away. Presets are organized with application-specific keywords, and the user can easily create new presets and keywords to tailor PhoenixVerb to the needs of any particular facility.

PhoenixVerb also supports external controllers that use the EuCon control. PhoenixVerb can now be driven and automated directly from the channel strips of Avid and EuPhonix consoles. Whether the user is a weekend warrior or a busy professional, PhoenixVerb fits into that user's workflow.

PhoenixVerb was nominated for the 2014 Technical Achievement award by the Cinema Audio Society.

Now with the Version 3 update, PhoenixVerb provides additional options. These include a brand new preset search tool.

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Reviewed By zisser
May 20, 2020

This is really a great reverb with some cool features. It does sounds very clean with some dimension and frequency shaping controls for each stage of the reverb signal.

It also able to throttle down CPU usage.

Like the way they arranged the presets (over 900 presets).

For the price ($9 at PIB) this is a steal.

Here is a quick demo and tutorial:

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