+10dB Bundle+10dB Compressor+10dB Equaliser128 Voice Pack - Perpetual1954 Baldwin Parlor Grand2 Step Garage2016 Stereo Room220V Sound Pack for LittleOne v32nd Thoughts for Zebra32 Lives358 ENHANCER4U+ DynamicTiltEQ6144 EQ808 Studio 2 - Bass Synth808's (Kicks and Subs)80s Spaces80s Synths Volume 1 for Spire925 Compressor980 SPARKA-PianA.P.E. MicroAbleton Wavetable Presets and RacksAbuserAcademicGrandAccess Virus Auroron SoundsetAccess Virus Revealed Volume 1Access Virus Revealed Volume 2Accordions 2Accusonus All BundleACE (Any Cable Everywhere)ACID Music StudioACID Pro 10ACID Pro 10 SuiteACID Pro NextACID Pro Next SuiteACID Pro Next Suite UpgradeACID Pro Next UpgradeAcoustic Dhaak 2Acoustic Dhol VPS Avenger ExpansionAcoustic Drum Loops CompleteAcoustic Drum Loops Pro - MultitrackAcoustic Drum Loops Vol. 2 - StereoAcousticaAcoustica PremiumAcustiX Bösendorfer Piano II (Kontakt)AcustiX Soundtrack StringsAcustiX Soundtrack WindsAcustiX Steinway Piano III (Kontakt)ADAPTIVERBAddicted to serum for Xfer records SerumAddiction SynthAddictive Drums 2 Creative CollectionAddictive Drums 2 Custom XLAddictive Drums 2 Rock & Metal EditionAddictive Keys - Trio BundleAddictive Keys Duo BundleAddictive TriggerAddictive Trigger + Drum Vault BundleAdventure BrassAdventure BundleAdventure StringsAelexis - Aural Vocoding Synthesizer EffectAeolian MeditationAfro Arab BeatsAfter - Sounds from the Apocalypse (NI Absynth Presets)Afterglow Holograms for Hive 2AftermathAggrsn Drums BundleagnarohmAI-30AI-90 KeysAIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 (Complete)AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 SelectAirTones for KontaktAirwalkerAirWaves for KontaktAizerX - BundleAizerX - Classic Trailer ToolkitAizerX - Hybrid Cyberpunk ToolkitAizerX - Modern Designer ToolkitAizerX - SFX Designer ToolkitAkoustic - Spectral SynthesizerAlchemist V3AlchemistryAlchemistry BeyondAlchemistry Metallurgy 2Alectrona for ArcSynALL-TECH 9063B EQAlpine VolksmusikAlpine Volksmusik 2Alto GlockenspielAlto RecorderAltus - The Voice Of RenaissanceAM101 Colorful NoiseAM102 Programmable Wavetable OscillatorAM104 CV MixerAM105 Quad VCAAM107 Voltage Controlled AHDSRAmazing Scope SuiteAmbiconAmbient Dreamtime Sound Bank for LuSH-101Ambient SpaceAmbient Strings for Falcon / MachFive 3Ambient Universe Sample Pack Bundle Vol. 1-5Amp Modeler ProAmpire XT Metal PackAmplifikation CaliburnAmplifikation CremeAmplifikation MatchlockAmplifikation OneAmplifikation VermilionAmpliTubeAmpliTube Brian MayAmpliTube DeluxeAmpliTube FenderAmpliTube Fender Power Duo BundleAmpliTube FulltoneAmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Anniversary CollectionAmpliTube Joe SatrianiAmpliTube Leslie CollectionAmpliTube MAXAmpliTube Mesa Boogie Power Duo BundleAmpliTube MESA/BoogieAmpliTube MetalAmpliTube OrangeAmpliTube Orange Power Duo BundleAmpliTube SlashAnacreonAnalog Bass Unit N4 - EDM Bassline SynthesizerAnalog Duality (Kontakt Analog Synths)Analog FX Drums 1Analog HouseAnalog IRAnalog Mastering ToolsAnalog ProAnalog PSAnalog Signature Dual Limiting Amplifier LM-662Analog Signature PackAnalog Signature Program Equalizer EQP-4Analog Signature Studio Channel SC-226Analog Studio RackAnalogue Classics: ARPAnalogue Classics: Legendary Analog SynthsAnalogue Classics: MoogAnalogue Classics: ProphetAnalogue ExplorationsAnalogue Kick DrumAnalogyAnalysis PackAnatolian Percussion V2.0AnatomyAncient ERA PersiaAndi Vasilos Deep House ToolsAneek Thapar Hybrid CinematicsAngel Arps V1Annual Subscription for KaleidoscopeAnomaly Dark Impulses - Vol. 1 - Dark PlacesAnomaly Dark Impulses - Vol. 2 - DisturbancesAnomaly Dark Impulses - Vol. 3 - Darkness IRAnomaly Dark Impulses - Vol. 4 - Shadows IRAnomaly Dark Impulses - Vol. 5 - Wasteland IRAnomaly Vol. 1Anomaly Vol. 1 SF2Anomaly VSTiAnomaly XXIII - the Night LandsAnomaly XXV - Return to the AsylumAnomaly XXVII - Dark TexturesAnomaly XXVIII - NightScapesAnsonix 8-Bit EDM LeadsANT. PETROF 275Anthology XIAntresolAparilloAPEX-1 Diva PresetsApogee FX RackApollonAqualignum for AlchemyAR1 Algorithmic ReverbArabic OudaraucannARC System 3AriesVerb - Feedback Delay Network ProcessorArpadoArrows for ArcSynArtilleryArtist Booster PackArtist Series araabMUZIKAS - Bus CompAS - Comp LimitAS - ExciterAS - Gate ExpanderAS - PreampAS - Pulse EQAS - State EQAS Drums CollectionAS Piano CollectionAspire EVOAssassin SoundsAstron for Omnisphere 2.6AtlasAtmosiaAtomAtomicReverbAtomicTransientAudioElecAudioFireAudioLavaAudioMotors ProAudioRain ProAudioSpaceAudioSteps ProAudioTextureAudioWind ProAugment for KontaktAura for Zebra 2Aureus Ventus for HALion 5Auriga for SpireAuto EngageAuto-AlignAuto-Align PostAuto-KeyAuto-Tune AccessAuto-Tune ProAutodafe CHPT-1 Chiptune DrumsAutodafe DRM32 Analog Drum MachineAutodafe OSCar for KontaktAutodafe Prophet 600 for KontaktAVA De-EsserAVA LegacyQAVA Mastering EQAVA Multiband CompressorAVA Spectral CompressorAvid Complete Plugin BundleAVOX 4Awakenings HALAwakenings IRAwakenings PSAxe PackAxiomB+B Patches for Novation PeakB-5 OrganB-CompB-PianB.I.TBaB DriveBabel Mode 1976Babelson Bundle PackBalaniBalkan Vocals (Kontakt | WAV)Ballad MIDI LoopsBandoneonBAREFOOT & SANDALS: EUS ExpansionBassiveBazilleBBCMP Dual Band CompressorBeat Making BundleBeat TwistaBeatformerBeatmaker Dope 2Beatmaker Eden 2Beatmaker Hustle 2Beatmaker ViceBeatmaker VOIDBeCompBellissima for KontaktBest of absynthsounds.com Vol. 1Best of absynthsounds.com Vol.2BFD CrushBFD HorsepowerBFD Japanese Taiko PercussionBFD Jazz NoirBFD Kabuki & Noh PercussionBFD London SessionsBFD Metal SnaresBFD OblivionBFD PercussionBFD Vintage Recording TechniquesBFD Wooden SnaresBFD3Big Bang - Cinematic PercussionBig Bang - Universal DrumsBig Drop EDM Presets for MassiveBig Easy MIDI LoopsBig StepsBiologicBitcrushBitsonic Godlike 3 UltimateBitterSweet Pro v3Bitwig StudioBitwig Studio 16-TrackBlack 76 Limiting AmplifierBlack Oyster ADpakBlack Series BundleBlack Series CompressorBlack Series EqualizerBlack Series LimiterBlack Velvet ADpakBlackbird Studios DrumsBlackholeBladeBlastBlazerBlissbloX EditorBlue Cat's AcouFiendBlue Cat's All Plug-Ins PackBlue Cat's Hot TunaBlue Cat's Re-HeadBlue GrandBlue IIBlue Oyster ADpakBlue Steel: 62 presets for kHs ONEBlue TriangleBlue Tubes Analog Chorus CH2SBlue Tubes Analog Phaser APH2SBlue Tubes Analog TrackBoxBlue Tubes BrickWall BW2SBlue Tubes BundleBlue Tubes Compressor CP2SBlue Tubes Deesser DS-2SBlue Tubes Dynamics PackBlue Tubes Effects PackBlue Tubes Equalizer BQ2SBlue Tubes Equalizer BX2SBlue Tubes Equalizer GEQ12Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ2BBlue Tubes Equalizer PEQ322Blue Tubes Equalizer PEQ5BBlue Tubes Equalizers PackBlue Tubes Gate Expander GX622Blue Tubes Limiter FA770Blue Tubes Limiter LM2SBlue Tubes Oilcan Echo TLE2SBlue Tubes Stereo Imager ST2SBlue Tubes Tempo Delay 3DBlue Tubes Valve Driver ADR2SBlues Bass MIDI LoopsBlues Classics MIDI LoopsBlueVerb DRV-2080Blüthner Model 1BMS (Bass Management System)Body Percussion BeatsBomblasticBoom AU/VSTBoost X Dynamic SaturationBoutique Drums - JoleneBoutique Drums - MedusaBoutique Drums - PennyBoutique Drums - RubyBoutique Drums RenegadeBoutique Mallets ADpakBrazilian Series DrumsBrazilian Series: BerimbauBrazilian Series: Caxixi & AgogoBrazilian Series: SurdoBrazilian Series: Tam TamBrazilian Series: TimbalBreakbeat MIDI Drum LoopsBreakTweakerBrickwall LimiterBridgewizeBritish BundleBRUTE VRSBus DriverC-78C. Bechstein Digital GrandC7 GrandCaffeine Sound Pack for Discovery ProCalabash BeatsCalculus for Virtual CZCantus - Gregorian ChantsCaribou BundleCaribou CompressorCaribou FilterCaribou MixCarlos Villalobos Jr Guitar Styles LoopsCarmen for BYOMECarve EQCassetto for KontaktCeilings Of Sound ProCeilings Of Sound v1.0.9Ceilings Of Sound V2 v0.3.4Ceilings Of Sound Xtended v0.3.4Celesta, Glockenspiel, Toy Piano and KalimbaCelestial CelestaCelestial Spheres Sound Library for DirectwaveCelestial Spheres Sound Library for Halion 6Celtic ERACerberus Bass AmpCerberus for Loom by AirChainerChannel Strip CollectionChannelStrip 3CharlestonCheap and CheerfulCherry Blossoms Soundset for Virus TIChill Bass & GuitarsChill Trap Construction KitsChilled TrapChocolate Audio BBassV Electric Bass for KontaktChoir EVOChor'XChorddetectorChris Hein - BassChris Hein - GuitarsChris Hein Chromatic HarmonicaChris Hein Ensemble StringsChris Hein Horns Pro CompleteChris Hein Orchestra CompactChris Hein Orchestral Brass CompactChris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtendedChris Hein Solo CelloChris Hein Solo Strings CompleteChris Hein Solo ViolaChris Hein Solo ViolinChris Hein Strings CompactChris Hein Winds CompactChris Hein Winds CompleteChris Lord-Alge ExpansionChromaphone 2Chromaphone 2 + PacksChromaZoneChurail Horror VPS Avenger ExpansionCinémathèqueCinematic Bundle - Limited EditionCinematic IndustrialCinematic Metal Drums 1Cinematic Metal Drums 2Cinematic SynthsCinematic Textures and Drones (Kontakt, ReFill, Wav)Cinematique InstrumentsCinematique Instruments 2CinematixCircle²Claps Crisps & SnapsClassic Boxes BundleClassic ClipperClassic CompressorClassic Multi-band LimiterClassic PinballClavi D9Clavia / Discovery Northern LightsClavia Martian for Nord 1,2 & 2X and DiscoDSP DiscoveryClavia Nord 3 Bleeding SkiesClavia Nord 3 Total EclipseClavia Nord Lead Starlight Soundset vol.1ClavitubeClearMixerClearmountains DomainCloud Layers Ultra 3-in-1 Soundset for LuSH-101Cloudburst - Playable Guitar Harmonics (Kontakt)Club Impacts (Sound Effects Library)Club Risers (Transitions Sound Effects Library)Club Sound Effects Bundle (Cinematic Sound Effects)ClubstepCollision for Waves CodexColored Spaces for Zynaptiq AdaptiverbColorspace - 100 presets for kHs ONEColour CopyComb FilterComeback KidCometComplete Orchestral CollectionComplexer 2Composer Cloud - One MonthComposer Cloud - One YearCompressorCompressorConceptConcept Human LeagueConcert HarpCONFIBLAHUTERConsequenceContemporary Vintage Drums (BFD & Kontakt)Contours for Repro-5ConundrumsConvolution SpaceCORE01 - MagnitudeCORE02 - TwinsCORE03 - FlavorsCORE04 - CaractèreCORE05 - PixelCornucopia for HALion 6CoronaCorona Sound ExpansionCosmic for Padshop ProCosmic Harmony for Hive 2Cosmic Plucks vol. 1 for u-he HiveCosmic Plucks vol.3Cosmic Plucks vol.4 for NI MassiveCosmic Plucks Vol.5 for SpireCosmos - Harmonic Exciter and Sub GeneratorCottage Piano UltimateCountry MIDI Drum LoopsCountry Outlaws MIDI LoopsCrafters PackCrazyRhythmCreative BundleCreative FX Collection (Plus)Creative SuiteCRTIV ChorusCRTIV ReverbCRTIV ShumovickCRTIV Tape BusCrunchessorCrushStationCryoCrystalsCSR: Classik Studio ReverbCTC-1 Pro Console ShaperCurveEQCustom Saw Wave Shape Sample PackCyclopCypher2D. Ramirez Expansion for Hybrid 3D16 Total BundleDaniel Finch Heavy Guitarsdarbuka-nutDark EraDark Grand LEDark Grand Piano for KontaktDark Kalimba LEDark MassDark ParallaxDark Parallax by Snipe Young for Hybrid 3Dark Silence ? Serum Soundbank Volume OneDark TrapDark Waves - NI Massive PresetsDarklite for Xpand!2Dataworx Subliminal SoundsDavid Bendeth Drums ExpansionDAW RegulatorDawnDB-33DDLY Dynamic DelayDe-LadyDeadly Trap - Hard Trap KitsDeBirdDecimort 2DeeMMaxDeep ChillDeep House and Tech Vol.1Deep House Loops Vol.1Deep Kicks Sound Pack - Kontakt, Live, Reason and WAVDeeQDeFilterDeft CompressorDehumaniser 2Dehumaniser Simple MonstersDelFeedDesert WindsDestiny for KontaktDestroyed Six - Detuned PianosDestructorDetroit Techno - Techno Construction KitsDevastor 2DeVerberateDialogDialogue MatchDigicussion 1Digicussion 1, Kontakt InstrumentDigicussion 2Digicussion 2, Kontakt InstrumentDigicussion 3Digicussion 3, Kontakt InstrumentDigital NightmaresDigitDDimebag Darrell CFH Collection for AmpliTubeDirect BassDirectionalEQDirectWaveDirty Transistor Bass - WAV LoopsdiscoDSP BundleDiscoveryDiscovery ProDiscovery Pro Sound ExpansionDisperserDissolution for Dune 2Dissonance IRDistortionDivaDiva - ShaleDiva Expansion 2 - U-he Diva PresetsDiversity 2 for DiversionDiversity for DiversionDlayRDNA for MolekularDominusDoom MIDI Drum LoopsDoppler+AirDowntempo Vinylistic BreaksDP Meter ProDr.UMSDRC - Polyphonic SynthesizerDream Dimensions Library for OmnisphereDream Worlds Soundset for Dune 2DreamlandsDreamlands SF2Dreamstate for Studio One Mai TaiDrMSDrone TonesDroneland 2 for Padshop ProDrum and Bass Construction KitsDrum LevelerDrum Mixing BundleDrum Particles Collection For KontaktDrum Producer Pack BundleDrum Synth 500Drum ToolsDrum TreeDrum Vault Trig PakdrumatomDrumaxxDrumazonDrumComputerDrumformerDrummaDrummer Boy for Presence XTDrumQDrums OverkillDS-10 Drum ShaperDSPplug boardstationDSPplug inter-sample peak limiterDSPplug loom1 preset pack 1DSPplug SilverhawkDub SoundsDub Techno LoopsDubstep Rytm - Elektron Analog Rytm SoundpackDUNE 3Duo EVODX7 / Volca FM - Patchology (SysEx patches)DX7 Emulations for Structure V2Dynamic DelayDynamicsE ChannelE MaximizerE RetroVoxE TubeTape WarmerE-3B CompressorE-3B MaximizerE-CompressorE-Gate ExpanderE-MaxE-PianEarMasterEarthshine Soundset for Dune 2EBusLimEccentric AutoharpEchoes - Analog Echo BoxEcology for Studio One Mai TaiEdgy ScapesEdisonEDM-X Bundle Limited EditionEdward Foleyart InstrumentEdward Ultimate SUITEEfektor CH3604 ChorusEfektor CP3603 CompressorEfektor Custom BundleEfektor Distortion BundleEfektor DL3606 DelayEfektor DS3603 DistortionEfektor FL3606 FlangerEfektor FZ3603 FuzzEfektor Modulation BundleEfektor OD3603 OverdriveEfektor PH3605 PhaserEfektor RV3604 ReverbEfektor TR3604 TremoloEfektor WF3607 Wah FilterEffectrixEgoistEighty Eight EnsembleElectra2ElectriaElectric Body MusicElectric GrandElectric PianosElectric Sitar LibraryElectric Universe ExpansionElectro PunksElektro Synth - Spire Sound BankElektro Synth RE - Spire RE PresetsElektron SID Station Byte The Dust SoundsetElements SuiteElephantElevate Mastering BundleElevation for IcarusElixir V3Elka PantherElysionEMM KnagalisEmotional CelloEmotional ViolaEmotional ViolinEmpyrealmEmpyrean (U-he Zebra Presets)Enchantment Of Absynth TrilogyEnforcerEnter The Hive - Hive Presetsentropy:EQ+EnvelopeEpic Orchestral Loops and MIDIEpic Sounds By Kyral X BankoEpic World - Cinematic LandscapesEpicyclesEpure V3EQF8EQP8EqualizeEQuivocateERA Bundle ProERA Bundle StandardERA De-ClipperERA De-EsserERA De-Esser ProERA II Medieval LegendsERA II Vocal CodexERA Noise RemoverERA Plosive RemoverERA Reverb RemoverERA Voice LevelerERA-DEssence for TAL Bassline 101Essential Deep House & GarageESSENTIAL ELECTRIC PIANOSEssential Keyboard CollectionEssential Pluck Bank for Reveal Sound SpireEssential Pluck Presets for Reveal Sound SpireEssential Pluck VPS Avenger ExpansionEssential Studio SuiteEssentials BundleEthereal Electronics for Omnisphere 2.6Ethnic String Phrases - Esraj & ErhuEthno World 6 CompleteEthno World 6 InstrumentsEthno World 6 VoicesEuphonic Resonance Soundset for LuSH-101Euro Dance Masters (EDM Presets for FM8)Europa Pro ExpansionEVE AT-4 EqualizerEVE-AT BundleEVE-AT1 EqualizerEVE-MP5 EqualizerEVO ChannelEVO.INEvolution AtlanticaEvolution BundleEvolution DragonEvolution: DevastatorEvolution: Devastator DeathmatchEvolution: Devastator Full EditionExcalibureXplorer 6 BundleFab Four Virtual InstrumentFactoryfaGuitarAlignfaIR - MARSH 1960A LEFairfax Vol 1 ADpakFairfax Vol 2 ADpakfaIRmageddonFairVenger: Synthwave preset expansion pack for AvengerFalcon AIRFalcon Singles - Acoustic E-BowFalcon Singles - Ambient PianoFalcon Singles - Bass FluteFalcon Singles - Celtic HarpFalcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol.1Falcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol2Falcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol3Falcon Singles - GlockenspielFalcon Singles - HANGFalcon Singles - OudFalcon Singles - Stick CelloFalcon Singles - Water BellsFathom SynthfaTimeAlignFaturatorFaxi Formula 2 Sample PackFaxi Nadu Korg ES1 SamplebankFaxi Sample Stash OneFaxi's Nord Modular Pack ABCFazortan 2FD2NFeeling Good - Deep House Kit (WAV and MPC)Fender Collection 2 for AmpliTubeFerrophoneFG-A Vintage EQFG-Stress CompressorFG-X Mastering ProcessorFilm Score CompanionFilmwigFilterFilterOrganFinalPlugFinisher NEOFinisher VOODOOFire Sound Effects - Designed FireFireCobra by FireSonicFireWalkerFL Studio Fruity EditionFL Studio Producer EditionFL Studio Signature BundleFlux Transitions Expansion Pack for The RiserFlux Transitions Vol 2 for theRiserFMeralFocusFOCUS: Deep & Tech DrumsFOCUS: Tech House Top LoopsFOCUS: Techno Claps & Snares CollectionFOCUS: Techno Drones & FXFOCUS: Techno DrumsFOCUS: Techno Hi-Hats CollectionFOCUS: Techno Kicks CollectionFOCUS: Techno PercussionFOCUS: Techno SynthsFog ConvolverFolio BassForest Kingdom IIFormant FilterFound Sounds for Beat MakersFourTuneFractalism for Output PortalFragments for KontaktFramedrum for AlchemyFree Style for Serumfrei:raumFreqAnalyst MultiFreqAnalyst ProFrequency ShifterFresh Air Pack Vol 1: Vacuum ProFresh Mood Multi-formatFront DAW by Soundevice DigitalFrozen Bells (Cinematic Bell Instrument for Kontakt)Full Pack 2.2Funk ADpakFunk GuitarsFunkenschlagFunkstepFunky Fingers by ZaytovenFusion for Hive 2Future Bass and Chords for MassiveFuture Bass Explosion Massive PresetsFuture Bass House (Live Pack, Reason ReFill, Wav)Future Bass KitsFuture EDM EnergyFuture Essentials for NI MassiveFuture House - Over 1.5 GB of House SoundsFuture Pop & Vocals 3Future Pop MysticFuture Sounds Vol.1 for Xfer SerumFuturistic Bounce Volume One Xfer Serum SoundbankFX BundleG-PlayerGalaxy XGalaxy X-FXGalaxy X-KeysGalaxy X-LoopsGarbage LSDGateGatekeeperGD-6 Acoustic GuitarGeist2Geodesic Frequencies Expansion for RapidGeometriae - Deep TechnoGhostwriterGladiatorGlassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1Glissando Harps for KontaktGlissEQGlitch SweepsGlitchmaniaGo2GodfazerGoldbaby EssentialsGoliathGoodBoyGore Sound Pack for CrX4Gorilla Nexus XPGranular WorldsGravitation for Hybrid 3Gravity Wave for KontaktGripGRIP Valve Drive CompressorGRM Creative - Tool BundleGRM Tools ClassicGRM Tools Complete IGRM Tools Complete IIGRM Tools EvolutionGRM Tools SpacesGRM Tools Spectral TransformGroovestar 3.0Gross BeatGrotrian Concert RoyalGrowlers And ScreamersGu ZhengGuitar ProGuitaristGypsyH.L.S DRIVEH3000 Band DelaysH3000 FactoryH910HaasHalloween Trap KitHalls of Fame 3 - Complete EditionHalo DownmixHalo Downmix 3D ExtHalo Downmix 3D Ext & ReBalancingHalo UpmixHalo Upmix 3D ExtHammond B-3XHand ClapperHard Bass (Kontakt/Reason Refill/Wav)Hard FunkHard House AnthemsHardcoreHardcore Kicks VSTi 2HarmlessHarmonic MachineryHarmonic Singularity Soundset for DivaHarmonic Stars Soundset for Dune 3HarmoniEQHarmorHarpsichordHarvestHatsHeadCrusherHeat Up 3Heavier7StringsHelix NativeHematohmHexa Rhythm DesignerHexa Trailer Drum KitHip Hop Bass and Keys MIDI LoopsHip Hop GuitarsHitech lasers 1Hitech SFX2Hive 2Hive Presets Double Pack - 160 Presets for U-he HiveHOFA 4U+ BlindTestHOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master (App)HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master (Plugin)HOFA DDP PlayerHOFA DDP Player MakerHOFA IQ-Series Analyser (Plugin)HOFA IQ-Series Analyser (Standalone)HOFA IQ-Series CompHOFA IQ-Series DeEsserHOFA IQ-Series EQHOFA IQ-Series ReverbHOFA SYSTEM AlgoVerbHOFA SYSTEM All BundleHOFA SYSTEM EQ-DynamicHOFA SYSTEM MixBoxHOFA SYSTEM PhaserChorusFlangerHOFA SYSTEM SaturatorHohner CollectionHollywood Backup SingersHollywood Brass DiamondHollywood Brass GoldHollywood Choirs + Voices of the Empire Bundle DiamondHollywood Choirs + Voices of the Empire Bundle GoldHollywood Choirs DiamondHollywood Choirs GoldHollywood Orchestra & Solo Instruments Bundle DiamondHollywood Orchestra & Solo Instruments Bundle GoldHollywood Orchestra - DiamondHollywood Orchestra - GoldHollywood Orchestral Percussion DiamondHollywood Orchestral Percussion GoldHollywood Orchestral Woodwinds DiamondHollywood Orchestral Woodwinds GoldHollywood Pop BrassHollywood Solo Cello - DiamondHollywood Solo Cello - GoldHollywood Solo Harp - DiamondHollywood Solo Harp - GoldHollywood Solo Instruments Bundle DiamondHollywood Solo Instruments Bundle GoldHollywood Solo Violin - DiamondHollywood Solo Violin - GoldHollywood Strings DiamondHollywood Strings GoldHolographic Universe Soundset for SerumHoney Monster Vol. 1Hook City - Trap & B EditionHook City - Trap & Soul EditionHorizons for Studio One PresenceXTHoRNet AnalogStageHot CircuitsHubbard SquashHummingbirdHY-Delay4HY-MBMFX2HY-POLYHY-SeqCollection2HybridHybrid 3 Analog TrapHybrid StringsHyperspace by JMG SoundI Heart NYI WishI'm Raving Vol.1 for u-he HiveIA-LA1 CompressorIC- Intuition CompressorIce Sound Effects - Designed IceIced Chillout LoungeIDC Instant Dialogue CleanerIgniteIgniterIIEQ ProImage Line Harmless SoundsetImage Line Poizone SoundsetImmense Trance Presets for MassiveImpactImpact + Modern EDM BundleImpacts and Drones - 64 presets for TAL-MODImperial DelayImperial Drums for KontaktImpulse Boost BundleImpulse Boost Bundle 2Impulse FractalismIncantationsIncantations SF2India Psy Instruments 1Indie ADpakIndie Fingers Volume Four: AcousticIndo Caribbean SamplesIndustrial BreaksIndustryInfection for Arturia PigmentsInfinityInfinity EQInsightInspirational New Age Loops and MidiInspire Me Vol. 01 - Diverse ElectronicaInspire Me Vol. 02 - Diverse ElectronicaInspire Me Vol. 03 - Diverse ElectronicaInspireMe Vol. 04 - Extra TerrestrialInspireMe Vol. 05 - uncommon PadsInspireMe Vol. 06 - SciFi EffectsInspireMe Vol. 07 - Retro EvolvedInspireMe Vol. 08 - Inspiring PadsInstant Flanger Mk IIInstant Phaser Mk IIIntegral Studio Pack IIIIntensityIQ-Series LimiterIrcam HEar V3Ircam StudioIrcam Trax v3Ircam Verb Session V3Ircam Verb V3Iris 2Iris Collection Volume 1IronAxeISLISL 2stIsola Pro FXIt's Your Life - Trance Construction KitItalian Combo Organs for KontaktJazzy ChilloutJazzy Chillout 2JhikPok Lead VPS AvengerJuice PackJunger Audio Level Magic 5.1Junger Audio Level Magic StereoJupiter Emulations for SampleOneXTJupiter RisingK2 Grand PianoKangling - The Sound of DeathKawai Future Bass for SylenthKawai-EX PROKAY-0NEKeyTonekHs ONEKick FactoryKick Factory House ExpansionKick Factory Pop ExpansionKick Factory R&B ExpansionKick Factory Techno ExpansionKick Factory Trance ExpansionKick Revolution Vol.1KICKS TOPS & BOTTOMS Volume 2Klanghaus 2KlüsterjunkkKlusterkitt FabrikatorKlusterkitt KonstruktorKlusterkitt RezonatorKontakt GonglandKontakt Library Celtic HarpKontakt Sequencer CollectionKorg MS2000 Resurrection SoundsetKorg NX64 Surgery SoundsetKorg Triton Vaporous SoundsetKorroded BatteriesKosmology - AwakeningsKosmology - ElementaryKosmology - EvolutionKosmology - LuminKosmology - SpaceKosmology AnalogKosmology DissonanceKosmology FusionKR-Fatter STRKR-SpaceKratos 2 MaximizerKremsegg Historical Piano Collection 1Kremsegg Historical Piano Collection 2KTRL EDM Sample PackKwaya - African Voices by Eduardo TarilonteL.A. Riot Abstract FunkL.A. Riot Vol. : Boombastic BeatsLadder FilterLate Night Deep House Chords Vol. 1Late Night Deep House Chords Vol. 1-3 LivepackLate Night Deep House Chords Vol. 2Late Night Deep House Chords Vol. 3Late RepliesLatin PercussionLaventille Rhythm SectionLe Masque: DelayLeads vol.1 for u-he HiveLEADSSESSIONS for Synthmaster OneLem Echo MusicLeslie CollectionLexicon PSP 42LF Max PunchLfoDelayLibraries Sound Pack Series BundleLifelines for SpireLigtFXLinCompLinear Phase EqualizerLiny EQLiquid Bundle IILiquid Compressor IILiquid Delays IILiquid Gate IILiquid Mod IILiquid MusicLiquid Phase IILiquid RhythmLiquid Verb IILittle FootLittlehouseLittleOneLM-CorrectLoLo-Fi Soul & Future BeatsLoFi Drift Loops and SamplesLoom ClassicLoom IILoop LabLoop Theory : Trip HopLoop Theory RejuvenationLooperatorLoudness ToolkitLounge Lizard EP-4Low End TheoryLowtilityLP10LSLevelator 2Luke Terry Australis Reveal Sound Spire SoundsetLuke Terry Hyperboreal Access Virus SoundsetLuke Terry Neon Access Virus SoundsetLuke Terry Sonisphere for Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080Lumin IRLurssen Mastering ConsoleLuscious Bass & Sequences Soundset for LuSH-101LuSH-101LX122 PremiumLX480 CompleteLX480 RHallLyrical BundleLyrical Cello PhrasesLyrical Ethnic Flute PhrasesLyrical Violin PhrasesLyrical Vocal PhrasesM.I.K.E. 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Grand Piano for KontaktOB-Xd - Virtual Analog SynthesizerObjeq DelayObscuriumOcean Drive - One - 155 synthwave presets for TAL V2 U-NO-LXOcean Drive - Two - 155 Synthwave Presets for TAL V2 U-NO-LXOctavoxOgunOhmBoyzOhmicide:MelohmanOkaiR2ROldBlackGrandOldCommsOldSkoolVerb PlusOlympus Choir MicroommarunnOmnipressorOmnisphere Explorer - Omnisphere 2 PresetsOneOpacityOPLOpto compressorOpto-3AOptoMaxOrange Vocoder AUOrbital Momentum for Hive 2Orchestral BundleOrchestral Companion BrassOrchestral Companion StringsOrchestral Companion WoodwindsOrchestral DustOrganic Chill OutOrganteqOrigins Bundle Vol. 1-5Origins Vol.1: Steel Tongue & SansulaOrigins Vol.2: Music Box & Plucked PianoOrigins Vol.3: 12-String & BalalaikaOrigins Vol.4: Oud & QanunOrigins Vol.5: Ukulele and Muted PianoOrigins Vol.6: Muted Guitar and HarmonicsOrigins Vol.7: Tar & ChonguriOruOS Sample Collection OneOSC MIDI Server ProOscilloscope MultiOther Worlds Looming for Air Music's Loom 2Other Worlds Looming for Presence XTOTT Kicks (Kick Samples)Outer SpaceOverload MAXXOverload Volume 1OwnTHDOxiumOzone AdvancedOzone ElementsOzone StandardP&M AMBIOSONIQP&M AMERICAN TWEEDP&M ANALOGERP&M BRIGHTNESSP&M BRITISH TONEP&M CALIFORNIA TONEP&M CHORUS ENSEMBLEP&M CLARISONIXP&M CLASSIC FLANGERP&M CLASSIC PHASERP&M COOL-VIBEP&M DEGRADIATORP&M DELUXE TILTP&M DIGITAL PLATEP&M DIGITAL REVERBP&M DIMENSION 3DP&M DISTORTEDP&M ECHOFLEXP&M ELECTRO OPTICALP&M ELECTRO'Q'TONEP&M GRANULIZERP&M LIQUID AIR QP&M LOUDBASSP&M LS ROTATORP&M MAGIC QUEENP&M MONSTER BOOSTP&M OB LA WAHP&M OCTAPLEXERP&M Pro Series PackP&M PSYCHO RINGP&M RETRO COMPRESSORP&M RETRO EQUALIZERP&M RETRO FILTERP&M RETRO LIMITERP&M SCREAMERP&M STEREOLIZERP&M TALKING TONEP&M ToneStackP&M TRANSCONTROLP&M TREMOLO PANP&M ULTRAMAXITP&M V.I.P. BundleP&M VIBRATORP&M VINYLIZERPads Collection Vol. 1 for KontaktPan KnobpanDelay 2Pandora for Hybrid 3 by AirPanopticon for AvengerPanoramaPanther Stereo ManipulationParadox for Dune 2Parallel AggressorParsec 2Parsec 2 Pro Expansion (Parsec 2 Presets)PartialsParticle Collider SX7 - Hybrid Scientific SynthesizerPatchWorkPath To Glory - Pathfinder WT DLC Preset PackPathfinder WTPathsPaths IIPeking Opera PercussionPercussion (Kontakt Library, Reason ReFill, Live, Wav)Percussion ArkitectPercussion Mega Pack - Over 2500 Sounds!Permut8 - Orange CrushPersian VocalsPeti SA Harmonium/AccordionPHA-979PhantomPhase DistortionPhase Plant Bass Expansion (Phase Plant Presets)Phase Plant Synth Expansion (Phase Plant Presets)PhaserPhoenixVerbPhoenixVerb SurroundPhonemklatura for PhonemPhoscyonPhraseboxPhysionPi - Phase Interactions MixerPi and Phi MKIIPianissimoPianos Bechstein D-280 - GoldPianos Bechstein D-280 - PlatinumPianos Bösendorfer 290 - GoldPianos Bösendorfer 290 - PlatinumPianos Bundle GoldPianos Bundle PlatinumPianos Steinway D - GoldPianos Steinway D - PlatinumPianos Yamaha C7 - GoldPianos Yamaha C7 - PlatinumPianoteq Pro 6Pianoteq Studio BundlePianoteq Stage 6Pianoteq Standard 6Pitch n Time LE 3Pitch n Time Pro 3Pitch ShifterPITCHMAPPivotPivotalPlastic Sound Effects - Designed PlasticPlasticlicksPlaybeatPlayer Man 3000PlectrumPlethoraPluck Bass (Kontakt/Reason/WAV)Plug'n ScriptPlugindoctorPoiZonePolarPolyKBPolyMPolyphenom 2Polyphenom 2 DLC Presets - Dreamer of DreamsPolyphenom 2 DLC Presets - Turning the TablesPolysquasherPolyverse BundlePool N Gym Percs and TingsPop KitsPossitive Psy Pads & Soundscapes 1PouPOWAIRPowerhousePowershaperPrecision Time AlignPredatohmPredator 2Premier CollectionPremium Claps and Snares (Percussion Sound Library)Premium Drum Bundle (Percussion Library)Premium EDM Kicks - (Kick Drum Library)Premium Hi Hats and Rides (Percussion Library)PresswerkPrime CompressorPrime CurvePrime MixPrimeEQPrincess Koto - KaguyaPripyat PianosPristine SpacePriZmPro BundlePro ToolsPro Tools UltimatePro-C 2Pro-DSPro-GPro-L 2Pro-MBPro-Q 3Pro-RProDrummer Volume 1ProDrummer Volume 1 & 2ProDrummer Volume 2Progressive Trance Bassline vol. 1 (FL Studio all in one template)ProSoundz - Billboard R&B Hits Sample PackProSoundz - IMS Sample Gold V4ProSoundz - Made Of Diamonds Sample PackProSoundz - MARVELOUS R&B Kontakt LibraryProSoundz - Robbin Season Drum KitProtectorPrototype-1 - 64 presets for U-He Repro 1ProVocativeProxima Dproximity:EQ+PSP 2445 EMTPSP 608 MultiDelayPSP 85PSP BussPressorPSP Classic's Modular Collection for Voltage ModularPSP ClassicQPSP E27PSP EasyVerbPSP EchoPSP FETpressorPSP HertzRiderPSP InfiniStripPSP L'otaryPSP MasterCompPSP MasterQPSP MixPack 2PSP N2OPSP Neon HRPSP NexcellencePSP nitroModular Collection for Voltage ModularPSP NobleQPSP oldTimerMEPSP PianoVerb 2PSP Poly Modular Collection for Voltage ModularPSP preQursor2PSP RetroQPSP SpringBoxPSP stompDelayPSP stompFilterPSP Studio Modular Collection for Voltage ModularPSP TripleMeterPSP Twin-LPSP Ultimate Modular Collection for Voltage ModularPSP VintageWarmerPSP X-DitherPSP XenonPsy Speaking Synths 1Psytrance / Hitech FX & Drum KitPsytrance Risers 1Psytrance SFX bombs 1Pull SawPulsar LGM-1Pulsar SmasherPulse-Tec EQsPulse2X EditorPulsed Records Structured TechnoPulseX EditorPultec EQP-1APunch 2Punch EVOPunch-BDPunchBOXPunchy Kick Drums (Kick Samples)PunctuatePure Analog Deep House Construction KitsPure Analyzer EssentialPure Analyzer Live OptionPure Analyzer Metering OptionPure Analyzer Multichannel OptionPure Compressor V3Pure DCompressor V3Pure DExpander V3Pure Expander V3Pure Limiter V3PX7 FM Synthesizer Rack ExtensionPyroQ American SeriesQ3DQAQBQGQuadQuad FrohmageQuadravoxQuantakorQuarantine - Massive X PresetsQuartet DynPEQ (Native only)Quartet DynPEQ (with AAX DSP)Quatermass library for Thorn spectral synthqXr EditorR.A.M.S.E.S.R2R2 SurroundR4RaRadiate for miniSyn'XRadical KeysRadical PianoRaindrop & BladeRAWRaw CutzRAW Sound Pack for Toxic BiohazardRAW-KickRayblasterRazor Spectral TerritoryRe-GuitarReaktor - MixRightReal Outdoor Footsteps: EFI ExpansionReal Outdoor Footsteps: EUS ExpansionReal Sitar Factory ExpansionRealEightRealGuitarRealLPCRealRickRealStratReanimator for KontaktReasonReason 11 IntroReason 11 SuiteReCenterRecoilReCycleRedoptor 2Reel Machines ADpakReformer ProRegroover EssentialRegroover ProRelentless ForceRemote ControlRene Amesz Expansion for Hybrid 3REP-10RepeaterRepeater (Slate Digital Edition)Replikorp 2249ReproRepro-1 Pro Expansion (Repro 1 Presets)Repro-5 Pro Expansion - Repro 5 PresetsReSampleReshapeReshapeFXResonantia for Chromaphone 2ResonatorResonHeartRestoration SuiteResurrection for Alchemy 2 (Logic X)Retro Funk MIDIRetroHit Drum MachineRetroplex ADpakReverbReverseReverserRezzoEQRG - Rhythm GuitarRhymes with Rogue - Leads (Analog Synths for Kontakt, Live, Reason, Zampler)RhythmiqRiddim Dubstep AmmoRiddim Riot By YujaRifferRing ModRisenge CoreRisenge ProRitual KontaktsRock Amp LegendsRocks Sound Effects - Designed RocksRojBashRoland Aira System-1 Nova One SoundsetRoland JP-8080 Unison & Distortion SoundsetRoland JP-80x0 Alpha Centauri SoundsetRoland JP-80x0 Always Alive SoundsetRoland JP-80x0 JP-NOVA SoundsetRoland JP-80x0 Massive EDM volume 1Roland JP-80x0 Quarantine vol 1 & 2Roland JP-80x0 Quarantine vol 3Roland PROMARS Plug-out SoundsetRoland SC55 / Keys pack for EXS24Roland SH-2 Plug-out SoundsetRoland System-8 Sunburst SoundsetRootBassRootBass TANGRotary ModRotorRoyal Compressor by Soundevice DigitalRoyal PianoRP-DelayRP-DistortRP-EQRP-ReverseRP-Verb 2RX 7 AdvancedRX 7 StandardRX ElementsRX Loudness ControlS OneSakuraSamba PackSampleTank 4SampleTank 4 MAXSampleTank 4 SESamplitude Music StudioSantoor and Dulcimer VPS Avenger ExpansionSantoor n Dulcimer ExpansionSasquatch Kick Machine 2SatinSaturate Spectral ClipperSaturn 2SaurusSawerScanner VibratoScattered Entity Vol. 1 for Falcon/MachFive 3Sci-Fi SFXSci-Fi Sound Effects - Designed CircuitsScopeSeismSektorSEP-5SEQ-SSEQ-STSEQui2R SynthSequlationSerato DJ Club KitSerato DJ ProSerato DJ SuiteSerato DVS Expansion for Serato DJ ProSerato Flip Expansion for Serato DJ ProSerato FX Expansion for Serato DJ ProSerato Pitch n Time DJ Expansion for Serato DJ ProSerato Play Expansion for Serato DJ Lite / ProSerato SampleSerene Bliss for DiversionSerene Dimensions for ThornSerene Dreams for DiversionSerene Galaxy for ThornSerene Horizon Soundset - DiversionSerene Skies for DiversionSerene Universe Bundle for ThornSerene Universe for ThornSerene Worlds for ThornSerum Bass - Presets For SerumSerum Pads - Presets For SerumSerum Synths - Presets For Xfer SerumSession Bundle Series CollectionSession Percussion ADpakShadow Impact: Industrial Scoring ToolsShakers Vol. 1Shakuhachi Premier GShapiroShapiro 2Shevannai Voice of ElvesShiftShift 2Shift 3Shimmer for BazilleShimmerVerbShinechillaShruti BoxShruti Box KontaktShudderSibeliusSibelius UltimateSID Sounds Volume 2SideKick6SigModSigmundSilkSilverline BundleSimple ConceptSimplonSingles - Atsia PercussionSingles - Blue Jay DrumsSingles - Bright Electric GuitarSingles - Classic BassSingles - FM PianoSingles - HarmonicaSingles - HarpsichordSingles - Session Drums VOL 1Singles - Silk RoadSingles - Taylor Acoustic GuitarSkyward Cinematics Soundset for SpireSlicexSLimiterSLimiterProSlo Mo Trap & Ambient LowsSlowMosmart:compsmart:EQ 2smart:EQ liveSN2X EditorSNX EditorSoaring Adventure BundleSoaring StringsSoca Starter Pack Volume 1Solera V3Solid CompressorSolina ReduxSolution Urban VaultSonarworks Reference 4 Headphone EditionSonarworks Reference 4 Studio EditionSonic Bliss for Dune 3 with SkinSonic Cinema for HALion 5Sonic SweetSonic TabulatorSoniformerSonoris DitherSonoris Mastering Compressor (SMCP)Sonoris Mastering Equalizer (SMEQ)Sonoris MeterSonoris Multiband Compressor (SMBC)Sonoris Parallel Equalizer (SPEQ)Sonsig Rev-ASoul Grooves Loops and SamplesSoul VocalsSoulful InstrumentsSound Forge ProSound Forge Pro Mac 3Sound it! 8 Basic for MacintoshSound it! 8 Basic for WindowsSound it! 8 Pro for MacintoshSound it! 8 Pro for WindowsSound Particles 2 - IndieSound Particles 2 - ProSound TrajectorySoundPack OvertonesSoundPack Processed StringsSoundPack Soccer Stadium EuphoriaSoundPack The Other SideSoundPack WaterphoniaSoundSoapSoundSoap SoloSoundWeaverSP2016 ReverbSpace BongoSpaceMotorsSpaces IISpacewatch for Polyverse Comet Reverb