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RootBass TANG
RootBass TANG
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Kontakt 5
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RootBass TANG

RootBass TANG creates instruments that feel solid, real, and deliciously mechanical.


Independently selectable key-down and key-up articulations offer separate decay, filter, tuning, and velocity sensitivity controls, including fine control over their position relative to the bass's attack and release. Similarly, control the noise type, volume, envelope, filtering, and velocity sensitivity. The instrument offers poly/mono modes and a simple, classic legato mode. Each element can be bypassed.


The unique character of tape echo pairs up beautifully with classic rotator, phaser, flanger, and chorus effects to color the bass tones. Three output mix types shape the instrument's essential style: overdrive + amp/cabinet impulse, classic tube amp, and classic UK guitar amp. Finally, tape saturation and compression give warmth and body while classic mono and modern stereo reverb impulses put space around it.


RootBass TANG's arpeggiator is bright, and intense, and captures the iconic sound of vintage electronica in a fresh new style. Filtering, noise modeling, effects, and subtle modulation are central to capturing the feel of fluctuating voltages, scratchy pots, failing transistors, and aged circuits. The humanization feature (instrument mode) adds another dimension by shifting note volume, pitch, and filtering.

Thanks to these Freesound contributors for their beats: insidebeat, dahovv, djduppy, eryps, newagesoup, and chiptraxxx.

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