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RX 7 Standard

RX 7 is a complete audio restoration product - a standalone application designed from the ground up to combat a range of audio problems. It is ideal for audio restoration and archiving, recording and mastering, broadcasting and podcasting, video production, forensics, and any application that demands spotless results and a complete range of restoration tools.

Standalone or in Your DAW
RX's standalone application gives you an ideal environment for audio restoration tasks. But for those times when you want the power of RX in your favorite audio sequencer or editor, the RX plug-ins are just what the doctor ordered.

RX Tools:

  • Hum Removal: Cleans up electrical hum and line noise.
  • Declipper: Rebuilds clipped audio from overloaded A/D converters and analog gear.
  • Declicker: Eliminates clicks, crackles, pops and digital impulse noises.
  • Denoiser: Removes broadband noise with natural sounding results.
  • Spectral Repair: Fixes intermittent noises, corrupted intervals and even gaps in audio.
  • Advanced Spectrogram: Displays a visual representation of audio with the greatest time and frequency resolution available.
  • Interface and Workflow: RX includes many workflow features designed to simplify audio restoration.

RX Advanced
RX Advanced is an extended version of RX designed for professionals who want greater control over signal processing and delivery options.

Additional RX Advanced Features:

  • iZotope MBIT+ dithering panel with full control over dithering options.
  • iZotope 64-bit SRC resampling panel with a full range of control.
  • Advanced manual declicking.
  • Multi-resolution declipping.
  • Multi-resolution spectral repair modes.
  • Advanced denoiser parameters.

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Reviewed By peferling
May 7, 2018

Definitely worth the purchase. My favorite is the denoiser, which they've broken out the into two distinct modules, one dedicated to voice and the other for general background noise. It can be a resource hog if you use it in more than one incidence or on multiple tracks, (I edit in PPro CC). But it's well worth it for correcting takes from the field that were shot in noisy environments. It has a dynamic, or adaptive learning mode that has made quick work of long takes. I will sample and tweak in the edit, (and do this as a last step), then crank up the quality slider before rendering out.

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