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SNX Editor
SNX Editor SNX Editor SNX Editor SNX Editor SNX Editor SNX Editor SNX Editor
What is it?
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Win XP or higher
32 or 64-bit host
System Requirements
OS X 10.5 or higher - Intel only
32 or 64-bit host
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Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Important Note
MIDI device mapping needs adjusting in PC environment, read more from our online user guides.
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SNX Editor

SNX Editor & Librarian AU & VSTi plugin.

Novation SNX AudioUnit & VST Librarian Editor Plug-in, for (1st gen) Novation Nova Desktop & Supernova models. Faster control and automation access than ever, SNX takes your Novation Nova / Supernova into a whole new level in the game. Control the same way you use your VSTi and AudioUnit plug-ins. Connect your Hardware seamlessly into your DAW. SNX will recall your patch settings when you open your project and the data will be sent to your Novation Nova / Supernova automatically once you open your project. The only thing you need to worry, is that you power-up your synth. We also added the ability to load in Novation Ultranova and mininova patches. (WHAT? Yes.) You can run our plugin in Mac AudioUnit & VST format and PC VST format (both 32 & 64-bit).

Faster Workflow

Since there are a lot of great software synthesizers in the markets today and because they are so fast to use, we wanted to bring this functionality to every producer out there with SNX plugin and Novation Nova / Supernova. It is now much faster to scroll thru patches & make edits within your DAW.

The best part is, when you reopen your project, you don't have to worry about the patch data you had on your synth while producing: Our plugin stores all the data within the project and when you reopen the project, all of the used data gets sent to your hardware, automatically. No more external applications for saving, loading or transferring patch data. Welcome total recall.


  • Connect your Novation Nova / Supernova synthesizer directly into your DAW.
  • Edit almost every parameter of your synthesizer from our plug-in.
  • Plug-in user interface reacts to hardware knob & buttons movements.
  • Automate almost every parameter within your DAW.
  • Edit each layer from the plug-in individually.
  • You can request Presets within the plug-in.
  • You can send the parameters from the plug-in to your synthesizers Temp buffer and save them from there or you can directly write user memory from our plug-in.
  • Knob & button values are sent to hardware.
  • View & edit patch name in plug-in interface .
  • Request current patch from selected slot to librarian.
  • Request all patches from selected bank to librarian.
  • Store currently selected patch from librarian to hardware.
  • Store current patch bank from librarian to hardware.
  • Load any MIDI / sysex patch, pattern or multi bank to librarian.
  • Browse patch banks within plugin librarian.
  • Load single patch to selected instrument channel (1-8).
  • Software stores last used patch data with plug-in to it's memory.
  • Software loads last used patch data with project load and sends it to hardware.
  • Organize patch data in librarian and save a new patch bank to hard drive.
  • View & edit each slot patch name.
  • Select patch MIDI channels per slot.

What it won't do:

  • Transmit or generate any audio (Real synth required to use the plugin.).

Known limitations:

  • MIDI device mapping needs adjusting in PC environment, read more from the user manual.


  • One of the following Novation synthesizer models: Nova Desktop or Supernova Rack.
  • MIDI Device to use with the synth.

You can connect as many Novas / Supernovas to your computer as you like.


  • Includes free support and updates for life.
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