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Spiral Generator
Spiral Generator
Synthesizer by Soundemote
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Spiral Generator
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 1.2.0  Download
 1.2.0  Download
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Spiral Generator

Creates fractal spirals that are infinitely zoomable. Beats the pants off of any FM synth:

  • Features Jerobeam Fenderson's very own 3D fractal spiral algorithm plus Soundemote's chaos-capable anything-to-anything signal routing, which allows for imitating the sound of analog filters.
  • Infinitely zoomable fractal algorithm creates illusion of zooming on an oscilloscope and allows for continuous shepard tone timbral changes by modulating "Morph".
  • Many sound-shaping parameters allows for wavetable-style transformations.
  • "Z-Darkness" parameter creates an illusion of depth on an oscilloscope by darkening the back of the z-axis, which also results in chaotic feedback, great for sound design and fx.
  • Explore and combine classic FM (frequency modulation) and PM (phase modulation). Go beyond classical algorithms with chaotic signal routing.
  • 125 factory presets including: analog-imitative screaming leads, growling basses, chaotic fx, and evolving oscilloscope-music shapes.
  • 6 Analog-style loopable ADSRs that will become unstable as attack and decay times are set to near instant. Feature S-curve / Lin / Log / Exp shapes selectable for each envelope stage.
  • 2 Breakpoint modulators, tempo-syncable, featuring many curve shapes.
  • 8 LFOs, tempo-syncable, with dedicated ADSRs and HP/LP filters, with various "Random" modes.
  • Fully automatable with host automation.
  • Fully assignable MIDI sources.
  • Selectable reset options on everything, so you can keep the attack consistent for plucks or smooth for legato playing.
  • Selectable oversampling up to 8x.
  • Selectable soft or hard clipping on the output.
  • Selectable stereo/mono modes.
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Reviewed By soundpeaks
March 4, 2018

This synth is unique piece of software with crazy sounds. A must have for an experimenter. I wish it has more user-based presets.

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