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VSTplug LA bands 3
What is it?
Operating System Availability
Operating System Latest Version
System Requirements
64-bit VST2 compatible DAW
License & Installation Method
No License Required
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Important Note
Due to the fact that Ableton only supports automation for 13 presets, the preset order is carefully arranged so that the first 13 in order is the first 13 that can innately be automated. Hopefully this is an affable solution and there is no consequences of it being implemented. Please mention should there be a complication.
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VSTplug LA bands 3

The VSTplug LA bands 3 is everything that the LA bands isn't. It works nicely, sports custom-made RBJ peaking filters and it is carefully tailored to suit to your needs.

And regarding its sonic character, it is definitely quite similar to the waves Q8 but in that it does not have parametric bands and resonance support, it is less precise. However; it is prudent to mention that this EQ is a mastering EQ, it affects the sound in broad dimension; it sounds smooth and almost airy.

So, end users may find this product less than satisfactory as a "shaping" EQ, that is to say; it's great for one sound; especially in the case of drums but perhaps a parametric EQ might be the better choice.

It stays at about 1% CPU usage and it looks cool. It was made to represent two decades of software norms so as to feel orthodox and the working of it is meant to be no-nonsense so is to improve and accelerate workflow.


  • V1.0: Initial Release.
  • V1.1: Added HP and LP, updated Presets, improved UI.
  • V1.2: Added Global Size and revamped resonance.
  • V1.3: Sped up Global preset resizing.
  • V1.4: Fixed 100% size size bug.
  • V1.5: Updated GUI.

Planned Changes:

  • V1.6: adding mousewheel support, various optimizations & universal font support.

Demo Version Download

Made with FlowStone
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