Samplebase releases Bionic Beats and Asian Beat Companion SoundBlocks for Satellite (+updates free Ignition SoundBlock)

1st October 2008

Samplebase has announced the release of two new Soundblocks for its Satellite plug-in: Bionic Beats and Asian Beat Companion. The free Ignition SoundBlock has also been updated with new sounds.

Bionic Beats ($39)

Bionic Beats is a collection of gritty, glitchy and mangled synthesized breakbeats created by KiloWatts. Each drum loop is provided with a full mix as well as the individual "stems", so users can mix and match over 130 kick, snare, hat, and noise loops, and process every part separately. Drum kits containing many of the individual sounds are also included, so users can program their own beats. In Satellite, Samplebase's plug-in and standalone sampler-synth, users can automatically sync to host tempo and experiment with creating a multitude of unique layered combinations with Satellite's built-in 16 track mixer.

The generative glitchy drum sequences in Bionic Beats, with quirky but precise cuts and edits, can also be tweaked in real-time using Satellite's modulation wheel and quick edit knobs. The sounds were creatively programmed for instant control over filters, effects, and more.

Asian Beat Companion ($29)

Asian Beat Companion (as the name suggests) is the "perfect companion" for creating Asian inspired Hip Hop, electronic and experimental music, as well as film scores. Users will realize the possibilities when they drop these loops on top of a beat, but they're also suitable for solo use. Asian Beat Companion features over 130 unique loops from three popular Asian instruments, all performed and recorded by professional musicians in Malaysia.

The three instruments represented include the Guzheng, which is a relative of the Koto and belongs to the zither family, the Sheng, a mouth-blown free reed instrument with vertical pipes, and the Yangquin, which is a dulcimer played with bamboo mallets. The sound of this collection of loops varies from joyous to melancholy to haunting.

Ignition SoundBlock updated with new sounds

As always, customers have been able to download Satellite for free along with the free Ignition SoundBlock that contains a selection of loops and multi-sampled instruments from other SoundBlocks on the Samplebase site. In celebrating the one-year anniversary since the launch of the online service, Samplebase has updated the Ignition SoundBlock to offer fresh, new and inspiring sounds for anyone to use within their musical creations.

Customers who have an existing account on the Samplebase site can go to their "My Account" page and request a free download link. New customers can request a free link after creating an account and downloading Satellite.

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