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GSi releases VB3 v1.2.2 (incl. Mac VST/AU); TimeVerb for Mac; and WatKat - a tribute to Charlie Watkins
22nd October 2008

GSi (formerly SoundFonts.it) has announced the release of Mac versions of the tonewheel organ plug-in, VB3 (VST & AU), and the free reverb plug-in, TimeVerb (VST only), plus the release of a new free VST plug-in for Mac and Windows: WatKat - a tribute to Charlie Watkins!

WatKat - a tribute to Charlie Watkins
WatKatWatKat is a digital "clone" of a Wem Watkins "Custom" Copicat. It sounds very lo-fi, noisy, irregular. When you turn it off and leave the tape loaded, the tape bends in proximity of the capstan, and this turns into a periodic pitch fall during echo playback; plus, it gets hot and the background hum gets worse over time... you should turn it off every now and then; the tape is never completely erased, and the capstan motor flutters... and it gets worse if you touch it while it's spinning; heads tend to get dirty very soon, in fact you should clean them often. This is true for the actual hardware unit, and for the digital simulation as well!

As well as being released for Mac OS X Universal Binary in VST and AU plug-in formats, VB3 has also been updated to v1.2.2. Here is the list of changes:

Notes for the Mac version:

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