Five12 releases Numerology 2 Public Beta 29

3rd November 2008

Five12 released the first public beta of Numerology 2 in early October and has just released beta 29 for you to try out.

Numerology v2.0 is a ground-up rewrite that includes a huge range of new features. There are new MonoNote and PolyNote sequencing modules, new Envelope and LFO modules, an extensive, easy-to use Parameter Modulation system, and all-new subsystems for routing, preset management, the mixer and a timeline. And it does ReWire. For more information, check out the all-new product page.

Public Beta 29 introduces two major new features for Numerology: Audio Recording and a simple, but highly useful polyphonic Audio Sample player. Also included are various improvements to AU hosting and Parameter Modulation.

If you buy Numerology now, your license covers versions 1.4 and 2.0.

KVR Audio, Inc.