Shuriken releases Eckel

28th November 2008

Shuriken has released Eckel, a free MIDI generating VST effect plug-in based on the Euclidean Algorithm. It was inspired by this blog entry and the linked PDF.

EckelHow To operate
There are 8 instances of the generating part. Pulse is the actual sounding beats, space is the space between the pulses. Speed is how fast they come, 0 is 4th 1 is 8th's etc. Note is the MIDI note that the algorithm spews out.

Pricing & Availability

Eckel is free and is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. How you actually make it work in your host is up to you to find out. Remember that Eckel sends MIDI note on and off's.

KVR Audio, Inc.