LinPlug updates SaxLab to v2.0.3 and RM V to v5.0.3 (and announces Holiday Specials)

2nd December 2008

LinPlug has released new updates for SaxLab (Win/Mac v2.0.3) and RM V (Windows v5.0.3) and announced several seasonal special offers.

The main changes with the plug-in updates is the return to a simple serial number copy protection scheme, no dongle, no challenge/response, just enter the serial and you are done (LinPlug had started using Syncrosoft eLicenser technology for these plug-ins).

Changes in SaxLab v2.0.3:

Changes in RM V v5.0.3:

Seasons Offers

LinPlug is offering three different offers during December, plus the special pricing for SaxLab that was valid through November has been extended until 10th December, 2008 (€99 / $129 instead of €149 / $199).

  1. Buy Albino 3 and get BLUE for free: In collaboration with Rob Papen LinPlug can offer you a free BLUE with every purchase of the Rob Papen Albino 3 from the LinPlug web site.
  2. Buy 2 get 1 free: Buy 2 different instruments other than Albino 3 and get one additional instrument license for free (valid for all instruments except Albino 3).
  3. Buy 3 get 2 free: Buy 3 different instruments other than Albino 3 and get 2 additional instrument licenses for free (valid for all instruments except Albino 3).

All seasons offers are time limited until 31st December 2008. Offers can be combined. You can choose the same license as you bought as free license (e.g. if you want to use it as gift to someone). Upgrades or Soundset purchase do not count as an instrument purchase.

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