Artificial Audio announces Obelisk for Windows

3rd December 2008

Artificial Audio has announced that its spectral multi-effect, Obelisk,will be available as a VST plug-in for Windows XP and Windows Vista by the end of December. Priced at €99, Obelisk is currently available for Mac OS X in AU and VST plug-in formats. The Windows version will be free for all registered owners of Obelisk for Mac.

Obelisk is a spectral multi-effect that combines a Spectral Delay, a Spectral Filter and a Spectral Gate together with a Spectrum Analyzer and 2-Dimensional LFOs to modulate the effect settings.

Obelisk separates the incoming audio signal into frequency bands. Each frequency band has its own Delay with Feedback, its own Filter and its own Gate. By simply drawing "effect lines" into the Analyzer Point View, hundreds of parameters can be controlled very easily and intuitively. Obelisk has three 2-Dimensional LFOs to modulate the effect parameters in ever changing and totally new ways. Just draw your effect...

KVR Audio, Inc.