Berklee announces 'Producing Music With Logic' online music course

5th December 2008

Berkleemusic.com, the online continuing education division of Boston's Berklee College of Music, has announced the release of a new online course called Producing Music With Logic.

Berklee professors Jeff Baust and David Doms have created a brand-new course to help students of all levels of ability to better navigate this complex program and learn the best of Berklee's production techniques.

"We start with the basics," says Jeff Baust, "so that the beginner can immediately get up and running. Then we go deep into all of the instruments, the editing environments, and the capabilities of Logic, including the power user shortcuts, so that even the intermediate and advanced users learn new things and everyone can get a lot out of this class."

"Producing Music With Logic" students learn the elements of production design, such as creative considerations in composition and song form, and the arrangement tools in Logic that allow the building and shaping of a song. Also covered are Logic's mixing tools and advanced mixing techniques, such as setting up software instruments with multiple outputs, sidechaining, and mix automation.

The course provides many critical listening examples, interactive activities, and "power user" tips and tricks for using Logic Pro, which illustrate the extensive capabilities of this dynamic music production software.

David Doms explains, "Logic is a very powerful interface, as far as MIDI and audio editing goes, but in particular, it has a collection of soft synths and samplers that are second to none. Logic has a distinctive ability to generate the sounds you want and need."

Jeff Baust adds, "This course is all about musical creativity - how to get a good recording, why to use certain tools and how to use them in combinations to get outstanding sound in your productions."

In "Producing Music With Logic," online students:

Learn more about "Producing Music With Logic" and read the entire interview with Jeff Baust and David Doms. To enroll for the winter term, visit berkleemusic.com.

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