Synful Orchestra v2.5 Beta, incl. new French Horn, Now Available

22nd December 2008

Synful has announced the availability of a beta version of Synful Orchestra v2.5 including a new French Horn which Synful says is an important step in the evolution of its RPM technology. Read more about the New Horn here.

Synful are quite pleased with the full range of expressive capabilities of this instrument combined with its ease of use. For most playing just set the Expression Brassiness control to a desired level and play in a normal style. Synful produces natural slurs, attacks, and varying note shapes automatically. Solo horn or sections from 2 to 16 players are easy - just turn the number of players knob. Like all Synful Orchestra instruments, when you play harmony in a section the players distribute themselves over the notes of the chord - automatic divisi. You can change continuously from a very dark sound to an extremely brassy sound. Realistic slurs, glisses, rips, trills, dramatic crescendi and dimuendi are simple and intuitive.

The French Horn is the first fully expressive instrument to use Synful's 2nd generation RPM Synful synthesis engine. It does not use Delay for Expression. Everything you play live is the final product. It is based on new 24 bit recordings which have been translated to a new generation additive synthesis format.

What's New in 2.5.x:


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