Garritan announces Orchestral Strings 2

18th January 2009

Garritan has announced its most comprehensive and musically expressive orchestral string library – Garritan Orchestral Strings 2. This new string library will be powered by the Garritan ARIA sample engine.

This library includes the complete string sections of the orchestra as well as an extended complement of solo strings. The stringed instruments recorded in this collection include Stradivarius, Guarneri, Gagliano, Montagnana, Testore, and many other rare instruments, and were recorded in 24-bit at the world-renowned Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

The library includes a rare solo Stradivari violin, a solo Pallotta viola, a solo Gofriller cello, a solo Amati double-Bass, 1st violin section, 2nd violin section, viola section, cello section, double-Bass section, and a full string orchestra.

Each string section and solo instrument allows performance of an "astonishing" array of articulations, bowings, playing techniques and special effects. Special morphing technology enables performance of dynamic morphing between layers and the ability to impart and control expressive vibrato on solo strings (the first full string library with this capability) and section strings. The following articulations are included: various sustains, staccato, marcato, spiccato, martelle', pizzicato, sautille, portamento, ricochet, col legno, tremolo, trills (at various interval), and harmonics. Additionally, many of these articulations may be played altra corda (on an adjoining string) or con sordino (muted).

There are avant-garde effects such as harmonic glissandi (Penderecki effects) and below-the-bridge effects included. Bow position control (sul tasto and sul ponticelli), up and down bowing, realistic legato and portamento, body/sympathetic resonance behavior modeling, adjustable noise (bow, pluck and snap noise) and controllable loose/tight articulations are also included. Extraordinary levels of realism, expressiveness and virtuoso performances are now possible, according to Garritan.

The collection comes integrated with the ARIA Player, Garritan's powerful 64-bit Sampler/Synthesis Engine, developed in collaboration with Plogue Art et Technologie.

Gary Garritan made the announcement at the NAMM Convention. "We always wanted to introduce this extraordinary additional content and capability that has been in development since the first release, and now we have that opportunity," says Gary Garritan. "When Garritan Orchestral Strings was first released seven years ago, it sparked the revolution in high-quality sample libraries. I am confident that Garritan Orchestral Strings 2 will once again raise the bar and create a new and higher standard."

Pricing and Availability

Garritan Orchestral Strings 2 is expected to be released 1st quarter of 2009. Pricing will be announced upon release.

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