MIDI Madness Algorithmic Melody Generator released

25th June 2009

MIDI Madness is a new "Algorithmic Melody Generator" for Windows, presented as a stand-alone application and a VST plug-in.

MIDI MadnessMIDI Madness can be used to create short melodic phrases or longer lines which follow a chord progression or subtle variations in scales. It can generate the notes for basslines, riffs, sustained pads, or whatever use you may have for its output. As suggested by its name, MIDI Madness creates MIDI notes and events for you to use as you wish.

It makes no sounds of its own, rather provides the source notes for other real or virtual hardware to play.

MIDI Madness generates its notes and events based on selected probabilities (or probability weightings). You, the user, select the likelihood for something to happen; then MIDI Madness makes decisions based upon your choices.

Every aspect of the melody generation is available to be controlled – the notes, the duration of the notes, their loudness, how accurate to a metronome... MIDI CC and pitch bend parameters can also be set to control the final sound player.

When generating each note, MIDI Madness inspects the settings and generates the notes depending on the boundaries you have put in place. The probabilities are set using the modules accessible from the main console.

Pricing & Availability

Priced at £49.99, MIDI Madness is available for Windows as a stand-alone application and a VST plug-in.

KVR Audio, Inc.