Synthogy updates Ivory to v1.72 (Win & Mac) and releases Ivory Cantabile for Windows

2nd July 2009

Synthogy has announced that version 1.72 updates for Ivory are now available for both Mac and Windows users. This version provides the latest enhancements and improvements to Ivory plug-ins, tools, and the standalone host:

The Ivory 1.72 update for Windows includes Ivory Cantabile, a new standalone host for Ivory based on the Cantabile 2.0 VST engine from Topten Software. Ivory Cantabile is derived from the full versions of Cantabile 2.0 Solo and Performer editions, and comes with the following features:

Ivory Cantabile is Synthogy's new replacement for the Ivory Standalone host. Ivory Standalone is not supported on 64-bit Windows, and will no longer be updated. Ivory Cantabile on the other hand will continue to be updated and improved to ensure compatibility and reliability with Windows operating system updates and other technological changes.

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