AriesCode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.2

3rd July 2009

AriesCode has updated AriesVerb to v0.7.2. This update offers small, but significant, feature additions to the sound engine. There is now an 'Algorithm' page on the UI to configure the basic layout of the feedback network, together with a schematic. There are also 23 new presets.

A new option, "filters before output", allows you to move all filters to a location before the output is taken. This helps shaping the envelope of the reverb tail, and also puts the non-linear saturation into the direct path between input and output (as it was in AriesVerb 0.4). Several new "Tube Amp" like presets draw on this feature. There is a selection of three different pre-emphasis filters for the saturation.

The delay line taps can now be routed directly to the output, in adjustable amounts for each segment. This helps shaping the early response of reverb programs.


KVR Audio, Inc.