Prodyon releases Enchoir v1.2

21st July 2009

Prodyon has released Enchoir, a vocoder-based 6-part Vocal-Harmonizer VST effect plug-in for Windows. It can be used to create vocal backing-lines in a short period of time. Enchoir uses a doubling-algorithm to make you sound like you had 20 people singing with you. It can be used for any musical style where you need to either thicken up the lead vocal or have a choir singing in the background.


The Enchoir v1.2 update features the following changes:

Enchoir has an MSRP of $99.95 but is currently available for the introductory price of $79.99. All new versions and updates are free for life for registered users. Also, Enchoir will be expanded in the future with new "voices" for free.

KVR Audio, Inc.