Bolder Sounds releases Harmonium and Harmonica [KON|EXS] (+announces 2 for 1 Summer Sale)

24th July 2009

Bolder Sounds has announced the release of two new sample libraries for Kontakt and EXS24: Harmonium and Harmonica. Also, with any Bolder Sounds purchase until the end of July, 2009, you can buy one Bolder Sounds library and get a second library of equal or lesser value for free.

Harmonium [$24.95]
The Harmonium was sampled in 4 articulations as well as key press and release noises for each key. Programming utilizes the modulation wheel to emulate the pumping of the bellows via amplitude and filter modulation.


Harmonica [Free]
Bolder Sounds has also released Harmonica, a sample library featuring the sounds of a Marine Band harmonica (in the key of A) by the Hohner Company. The samples are 24-bit mono with no loops for a natural sound and total 31 megabytes. Bolder Sounds originally recorded these samples in stereo but decided to sum them to mono for the final version.

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