MESA+ releases WDK (Wave Drum Kits) for Live

2nd September 2009

MESA+ has announced the release of "WDK (Wave Drum Kits)", a new set of synthetic drum and percussion sounds for Ableton Live 7 and 8.

Wave Drum Kits (WDK) was created from the ground up to work exclusively with Ableton Live. Transient, synthetic timbres were forged into the WDK sound set, creating a versatile library suitable for a wide range of electronic music styles. It takes full advantage of the sound engine from Sampler - Ableton's advanced sampling instrument. A carefully designed waveform is the foundation for each drum sound in the WDK sound library. As each waveform is played back as an oscillator within Sampler, further sculpting of the tone is achieved through Sampler's sound design functions and Ableton's powerful built-in effects. The result? 700 drum and percussion sounds crafted into unique and expressive Instrument Racks.

MESA+ sound designers gave special attention to developing Instrument Racks with the capability of producing new and different timbres that vary greatly from the original sound. Expertly programmed macro knobs in each Instrument Rack allow WDK users to quickly customize the drum sound to their own tastes. The Instrument Racks in the WDK library have been constructed into 40 distinct Drum Racks, each rack loaded with 22 pads. The grouping arrangement of the Drum Rack pads is consistent, allowing for perfect compatibility with the 150 MIDI clips included in the WDK library. These clips can be freely interchanged with any of the WDK Drum Racks to create new and original combinations for fresh compositions and hot remixes.


Price and Availability

WDK is available for instant download for €29.

KVR Audio, Inc.