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Yellow Tools updates Independence, Freedom and Origami to v2.5.2 and Engine to v1.0.2 (all incl. x64 versions); extends E-License support
20th October 2009

Yellow Tools has announced that new versions of its entire product range is now available: The Independence Pro Software Suite, Freedom, Origami and Halls Of Fame Complete - Origami Edition have been updated to version 2.5.2. Also, for Engine the first update, to version 1.0.2, is now available ("Engine" powers Best Service's Titan).

The most important improvements:

Additionally, "Independence Pro Software Suite", "Freedom" and "Origami" have been extended with the E-License functionality: The new versions 2.5.2 are now compatible with both: the yellow tools Authorization Key (USB dongle) and the software activation "E-License". Every product now includes both one Activation Code for the use of the Key and three E-License activations - so you can now use the yellow tools products even more flexibly and on multiple computers at the same time. This applies to the Box versions and also the Download versions. The yellow tools sound libraries of Independence Pro, Independence Basic, Candy, Culture and Majestic still require the Authorization Key and are not available as E-License.

For technical reasons the E-License activations are only available for new registrations. All users who have registered their copies of the Independence Pro Software Suite, Freedom and Origami at an earlier date have to register their products inside their account again. The E-License option is available in the User Area afterwards. Users of the Producer Suite and the Premium Suite are requested to contact the yellow tools support regarding the the new Freedom activation.

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