Softube Updates All Plug-ins (except VAR)

3rd November 2009

Softube has released updates for all its plug-ins except Vintage Amp Room. This covers all Native, TDM and Venue plug-ins for both Windows and Mac OS X. Issues fixed range from minor inconveniences to (rare) crashes. There are also other improvements, like further optimization of most Mac plug-ins. Vintage Amp Room will be updated as soon as possible.

Also, the time limit of Softube's demo licenses has now been extended to 20 days. Everyone that requested a demo prior to this change can now download a new 20-day demo license.

Acoustic Feedback v1.0.7 and Acoustic Feedback - White Amp v1.0.5:

Bass Amp Room v1.0.2:

FET Compressor v1.0.3:

Metal Amp Room v1.1.5:

Passive-Active Pack v1.0.2:

Spring Reverb v1.0.4:

Tube Delay v1.0.4:

Tube-Tech CL 1B v1.0.2:

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