LinPlug updates Alpha (v3.1), Organ (v3.1) and RM V (v5.0.5) (incl. x64 releases); Albino v3.1 in beta

3rd December 2009

LinPlug has updated the Windows and Mac versions of Alpha and Organ to v3.1 and the Windows version of RMV to v5.0.5 bringing Windows 7 and native x64 support amongst other changes. A Mac beta version of v5.0.5 is also available. A version 3.1 update for Albino is also now in beta testing for Windows users. The Mac version will follow in a few days.

Changes in All:

Changes in RMV v5.0.5:

Changes in Alpha v3.1:

Changes in Organ v3.1:

Albino 3.1 Public Beta
Albino is now available as a pre-release / beta test version, which is compatible to Windows 7 and latest service packs of Vista, both in 32 bit and 64 bit. On Windows it's now also available as a native 64 bit version.

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