Symphonic Orchestra Silver & Gold announced

7th November 2003

East West have announced that they will ship two additional versions of the East West/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra from November 21st 2003.

The $295 "Silver Edition" is designed for Educators, Students, Composers, and Professional Musicians who require a portable "on the road" solution at a much reduced price. The Silver Edition includes the East West/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, East West Steinway B Grand Piano, Pipe Organ (from Post Musical Instruments), and Female and Male CHOIRS (from Voices of the Apocalypse).

The $995 "Gold Edition" includes over 95% of the Instruments and Articulations from the $2,995 Platinum Edition.

Both the Silver and Gold Editions offer one mic position in 16-bit for all samples (similar to other orchestral sample libraries) as opposed to the 24-bit multiple mic position Platinum Edition.

As the Silver Edition is designed for portability, registered Platinum users who need an additional "on the road" solution can purchase this version for only $49 (from East West). Any compositions created with the Silver or Gold Editions can be played back in the Platinum Edition.

Both versions include a custom Kontakt/Kompakt based audio engine and operate as VSTi, DXi, AU & RTAS on Windows and Mac OS 9/X. (RTAS & OS X support will be downloadable updates).

Pre-Orders are now available, East West will ship pre-orders in the order they were received after release on November 21st.

KVR Audio, Inc.