Zero-G announces the first Vocaloid products

17th November 2003

Zero-G announces the first Vocaloid products

Zero-G has announced the world's first Vocaloid virtual vocalist products, Leon and Lola, to be launched in LA at NAMM, 15-18 January, 2004. A third virtual vocalist, Miriam, is to be launched at Frankfurt Musikmesse in March.

The preliminary details of the first virtual vocalists, powered by the Yamaha Vocaloid Singing Synthesis Technology can be found at the links below:

LEON - male soul vocalist:

LOLA - female soul vocalist:

MIRIAM, a stunning vocal font modelled on the incredible voice of Miriam Stockley:

All packages include:

VOCALOID Editor Features:

VOCALOID VST/ReWire Instrument:

Upon release Leon & Lola are expected to cost $329 each and Miriam should cost $399. All will be available as Windows VSTi.

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