Swar Systems Volume 2 North released

2nd December 2003

Swar Systems have released Volume North 2 in all of their supported formats (Stand Alone, VSTi (Swar Plug), AKAI, Reason).

This volume contains a set of 14 fine new instruments from India (dhol, naal, duff, dimdi, tudd, gunghroo, tumbak, duggis, chimta, tambourines, israj, banjo, tumbi and a new harmonium), along with a large collection of rhythms and melodies to make them groove.

With the addition of Dhol and Tumbi, this new volume apparently becomes a must-have package for composing Bhangra music. Overall, this new volume contains a majority of folk instruments, and they have included a lot of folk rhythms that will "rock your music tracks".

Volume North 2 has now been included in all their products, and they are all ready to ship. Prices have been raised by 30$ but they will continue to carry the current products with only Volume North 1 (21 current instruments) for the same prices as before.

KVR Audio, Inc.