Weldroid releases ambio.one - Crosstalk-Cancellation Plug-in

22nd February 2010

Weldroid has announced the release of ambio.one, a highly customizable crosstalk-cancellation plug-in based on the RACE algorithm developed by the Ambiophonic Institute. It's free and is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in.

ambio.oneambio.one can process regular 2-channel stereo material to be presented on closely spaced speaker pairs. Such setup, even with only two speakers, can produce approximately 170 degree wide soundstage with considerably better imaging and sound localization than conventional stereophonics. A four-speaker setup (two closely spaced speakers at front and back positions) provides a full 360 degree soundfield in the horizontal plane.

ambio.one can be used for mixing and mastering applications, as well as for high fidelity reproduction of music.

KVR Audio, Inc.