Win Cameleon 5000 Additive Morphing Resynthesizer!

10th December 2003

Camel Audio recently released Cameleon 5000 - a revolutionary new additive synthesizer with morphing and resynthesis abilities, and K-v-R have teamed up with Camel Audio to offer you the chance to win one of these beauties. There are two copies of Cameleon 5000 for the winners, and two copies of CamelPhat for the runners up, up for grabs.

All you have to do to get your hands on a copy is download the demo version of Cameleon 5000 and start creating presets. Save your best 10 and e-mail them to us and Ben @ Camel Audio will pick the best ones.

Read the full rules here.

Good luck!

KVR Audio, Inc.