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FXpansion VST-RTAS Adapter released
14th December 2003

FXpansion have released the VST to RTAS Adapter which enables VST* effect and instrument plug-ins to be used seamlessly and transparently as RTAS plug-ins in your Pro Tools session**.

This adapter uses virtually no CPU power or memory and makes a vast range of VST plug-ins available directly within Pro Tools. It's incredibly easy to use and highly affordable at just US$99.00 / Eu.99.00 / GBP 69.00. Available as a direct download from FXpansion's on-line store.

The adapter supports all the latest VST2 features, such as sample accurate timing, parameter automation, automatic tempo synchronization, easy preset browsing, and patch/preset interchange with other VST hosts such as Steinberg's Cubase VST, Cubase SX and Nuendo series.

* "OS X Carbon" and "OS X Mach-O" VST plug-ins on OS X; Windows VST plug-ins on Windows XP. "Mac OS 9" VST plug-ins are not supported.

** Pro Tools and Pro Tools LE versions 6.0 and higher on Mac OS X and Windows XP.

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