DMG Audio releases EQuality

22nd March 2010

DMG Audio has announced the release of EQuality, a new EQ plug-in for Windows (incl. x64) VST and VST3, Mac VST UB and Mac AU 32+64-bit UB (with RTAS versions coming "very soon"). It costs £74.99 until April 20, 2010 (25% off).

EQualityMost people have quite a collection of EQs - some are models of hardware, some are workhorse EQs for surgical correction, or for guiding a track into a mix, some are for mastering. EQuality is not a model of a specific piece of hardware - it's more ambitious than that. EQuality aims to be a great replacement for all your EQs. That's been the driving factor.

DMG Audio says that "from the bottom up, EQuality sounds as good as an EQ can sound. By that, I mean the prototypes are as close to the consistent analogue shapes as can be achieved digitally, without spending extra CPU. When you want to spend extra CPU to close the deal, you can do that too, but so far not many people have reported finding occasions where the difference is perceptible."



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