Teragon Audio releases AUNotes v2.0

22nd March 2010

Teragon Audio has announced the official 2.0 release of the AUNotes plug-in, formerly called "Notepad".

Changes include:

AUNotes is a basic AudioUnit plug-in designed for keeping text notes alongside an arrangement. Although AUNotes is compatible with any sequencer which supports AudioUnits, it is geared at Logic Pro users, since it does not allow you to have per-channel text notes like some other sequencers. This plug-in provides a quick way for you to store extra information in your musical arrangements.

To use, simply instantiate the plugin in the desired channel in your arrangement, and type away. Your changes will be saved automatically when you save your document.

AUNotes is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and up for both Intel and PowerPC Macs, and is freely available under the BSD license.

KVR Audio, Inc.