TenCrazy.com bmp2cam v0.6 released

16th December 2003

TenCrazy.com have released bmp2cam a special utility program for Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 users that reads in a grayscale bitmap file and translates it into a Cameleon 5000 voice file (.c5v) for import as an evolving harmonic spectrum.

How it works

Bitmaps must be 256-level (8-bit) grayscale and are 64 pixels across. Each of these pixels in width represent a harmonic in series, 1..64, from left to right. A white pixel in a slot means the harmonic is played at maximum amplitude. If it's black, it's silent. Varying levels of gray mean different levels of volume. Together, this row of pixels forms on additive spectrum.

Bitmaps can be up to 128 pixels tall. Each of these rows of pixels is a snapshot in time, going from bottom to top. The snapshots sequenced together are morphed in the form of an envelope, creating a constantly evolving harmonic soundscape!


It's free so go and download yourself a copy.

KVR Audio, Inc.