de la Mancha releases truc2

11th June 2010

de la Mancha has announced the release of truc2.

truc2 truc2 is a multi-effect plug-in with 4 different effect modules and two automated XY pads to modulate their levels and parameters. It is designed to add variation and movement, anywhere along the scale of subtle to overkill and is suitable for any material.

The 4 effect modules are DIRT, GRAIN, RING and DELAY. The first XY pad modulates the volume/mix level of each module, whilst the second XY pad modulates any 4 of the 15 automatable parameters. Both XY pads can be moved manually and additionally automated with a variety of LFO shapes, speeds and depths.

truc2 is a complete rewrite of the original from new. The main improvements over the first version are:

Priced at $24, truc2 is available for Windows as a VST effect plug-in.

KVR Audio, Inc.