Justin Robert releases Mothman Z3000

16th July 2010

Justin Robert has announced the release of Mothman Z-3000, a 16 voice polyphonic synthesizer that features two Phase Distortion DCOs, two DCWs, and two DCAs. All six feature the famous 8 point envelope section that made the CZ synthesizer so famous.

The Mothman Z-3000 also features stereo chorus, noise and LFO just like the original CZ-3000. There's also an added switchable velocity feature that gives greater expression than the original CZ, and an added analog style filter on DCA2 to give even more sound options. You can also pan the different DCOs to give more stereo fx.

Programming is very similar to the original CZs, the only difference being that on each 8 stage envelope there is a "scale" feature, which acts like a master envelope control to quickly lower or raise the length of the envelope all around without changing each one individually. The original Casio CZ-3000 Manual can be used to understand the concepts behind programming this plug-in.

There are 64 preset slots with 18 presets already created.

Pricing & Availability

Mothman Z-3000 costs $24.00 and is available for Windows as a VST instrument plug-in.

KVR Audio, Inc.