Keith McMillen Instruments announces StringPort Developer Program

27th July 2010

Keith McMillen Instruments announced the formation of the StringPort Developer Program, which will provide software synthesizer developers with documentation and sample source code to easily develop StringPort versions of their software synthesizers.

At the core of the documentation is the release of the Acoustic Instrument Message (AIM) Specification. Acoustic Instrument Message is a spectral descriptor language for any acoustic instrument. It is an open, license free specification, which solves most of the problems associated with the keyboard model for synthesis control. AIM can be sent over MIDI, OSC, UDP, or any transport layer.

AIM, developed by KMI, communicates performance data from acoustic instruments such as guitars and violins to software synthesizers within StringPort applications or running within a plug-in host.

Prospective developers may download the specification and should contact KMI for discounted development hardware and documentation. The StringPort Developer Program is also open to academic institutions that are developing and teaching synthesis software in their curriculum.

KVR Audio, Inc.